The Birthday Massacre: Hide and Seek; Track 4, Need

The Birthday Massacre
Hide and Seek
October 9th, 2012
Metropolis Records

Since this release isn’t slated to drop for almost seven weeks, I’m going to approach this review with a new angle. Every few days I’ll be writing about one of the albums ten tracks.

We’ll round out the last week before the album’s review with an overall summary.

While each track blends perfectly to the next, it’s the album’s 4th track, Need, that is one of the stand out songs.
At first listen, Need holds its own against the other 9 tracks on the album. Digging deeper though, I can how Chibi’s love of the 80’s pop/rock band Roxette has influenced her vocals on this track. Chibi’s pleading during the song’s chorus run parallel to the soothing purr of Roxette front woman Marie Fredriksson. While on Pins and Needles, Chibi was trying to channel the vocal strength of Heart’s Anne Wilson, it’s now Fredriksson’s influence that’s inspiring Chibi’s voice during a chorus which finds her pleading “Bleed me from the heart. Need me for my heart.”
Falcore and Rainbow has crafted an incredible 80’s synth pop spin on the band’s signature gothic/industrial sound.