Slipknot 11-12-2005

The Subliminal Versus Tour:
The Final Volume
Rockford, Illinois
Rockford Metro Arena
November 12, 2005

People = Shit
The Blister Exists
Before I Forget
Left Behind
Drum Solo
Pulse of the Maggots
The Heretic Anthem
Spit It Out
Wait and Bleed

The time had almost reached 9:30pm when the arena’s light finally went black and the crowd went wild. The curtain, protecting the secrecy of the nine masked men, came down, the strobe and stage light began to flash, and we all knew what we were in for. When Corey Taylor says jump, you already know how high. Mister Taylor, number 8 and lead singer of Des Moines’ very own world infamous metal band Slipknot, ran the obedience department at saturday’s show in Rockford, Illinois, to a crowd of over 4000 screaming maggots. Perched atop his platform on center stage, Taylor orchestrated the crowd through out the 75 minute set. Their crowd scorching set opened with their olde schoole montra, PEOPLE=SHIT. If you’re lucky and happen to be driving through Des Moines, you may even see one of their initial bumper stickers with the same logo. EYELESS, another crowd favorite followed. Clown’s drum kit gave out during this song and came crashing to the stage floor. Luckily Clown was nimble enough to jump off of the falling drums and avoid any more serious injuries. It was at this point I noticed the absence of a 6’5″ guitar player who normally wears a twisted jester’s visage. Where was Jim Root? I later found out that Jim had broken either his hand or arm, and was forced to take some time off of the tour. THE BLISTER EXITS continued the aural assault. The bands logo, a nine pointed star, spun around wildly in the arena during the continuous light show and covered the bands back drop, a replica of their 9.0: LIVE album cover. This was the point during the show that Chris and Clown came on stage with their marching band drum kits for the percussion protion of the song. Before the show went any further, Corey announced that this tour was in memory of Clown’s Father, who had passed away earlier this season and dedicated BEFORE I FORGET to him. The night’s intencity was highlighted by (sic), SPIT IT OUT and the now classic WAIT AND BLEED. Throughout the night, the Maggots followed Taylor’s commands. “I think some paint chips came of the ceiling,” remarked Corey after festing the crowds response during DUALITY. SURFACING, which every true Maggot knows is the one true national anthem helped close out the night. Strobe lights flashed and fake fog floated across the stage and into the crowd and no one wold be the same after curfew struck at 11pm.