In This Moment; Blood

In This Moment
August 2012
Century Media

As a whole, BLOOD is as emotional rollercoaster. Brink grabs us by the hand leads us through an often apocalyptic aural landscape full of despair, rage, desolation and regret. While on the journey I’m torn between the tracks that make me want to breakdown and sob with Maria over the emotional torment that has inspired these songs, and wanting to smash my fists in fits of rage over this amazing woman having lived through what I can only guess is some of the same physical and emotional abuse that so many of us have endured. Hopefully her courage and strength will give those still trapped the inspiration to break their own cycle of pain.
Opening the fourteen track release is the haunting Rise With Me. The album’s introduction gives us the first glimpse of Brink’s gossamer vocals which melt into the album’s title track, Blood. Layered vocals are entwined into an intense industrial/metal beat. Brink’s vocals switching back and forth between a harmonized whimper and bombastic shrieks. Stepping deeper into the band’s world, Adrenalize offers us the heaviest track on the album. Brink’s sultry vocals coupled with the band’s aggressive music blends the perfect mixture of heaven and hell for the sonic journey of the album. Splayed open for the world to see, the lyrics of Whore show us a darker side of love. Giving me the impression of a passive aggressive love letter, this track could be written for every ex that’s ever made us feel like we weren’t good enough for their affection. Ethereal vocals entwined with a banshee’s agonizing wail play wildly with Howarth’s twisting guitar riffs. It’s dark and defiant with hints of desperation.
You’re Gonna Listen is another perfect blend of Brink’s metal screams and soft vocals that so many pop princesses have yet to master. Each track blends into the next, creating the feeling that Blood is a concept album. Burn; the track on the album that the band is most proud of features multi-layered guitar and bass tracks. Brink’s vocals continue to focus on the complicated range from a whimper to a scream. Scarlet continues to intensify the album’s story and leads us to the point where we realize that our Angel may have a Demonic lover holding her back from achieving happiness.
While Burn may be the peak of Blood’s story, it’s From The Ashes that has peaked my attention the most. There’s a slight hint of Lady Gaga inspired vocals and is the track that feels like it should be played over the closing credits of a movie.
Beast Within puts a metal twist on an industrial dance vibe. I love the lyrics too; The beauty is the beast. I would love to hear a dance mix. Comanche pummels with the force of a wrecking ball; heavier and driving to the core. This will be the track that proves it’s self as the new anthem for every metalhead in the moshpit. The Blood Legion has a definite Angels and Demon feel and could easily be played as the battlefield soundtrack during the war between Heaven and Hell.
Closing out the epic release is 11:11, which focuses more on Brink’s amazing vocal range.
Brink’s guttural growls blend seamlessly with the band’s crashing cymbals and thunderous beats while her more harmonized whimpers and purrs play perfectly against a backdrop layered with acoustic guitars and subtle piano chords. The release of Blood proves to current and future fans that In This Moment has earned their place in the music industry.