The glamorous life of Rockstars. Theft in Evanescence Camp.

Amy Lee, founder of heavy metal band Evanescence, is currently touring South America with her band. But the massive world tour isn’t without problems.
While Shirley Manson and Garbage are also touring south of the equator, the band’s paths will cross on October 27th.
Manson recently posted via the band’s official twitter page, “@Garbage: @AmyLeeEv. Seeing you tomorrow little lady! Sx”
Lee’s response? “@AmyLeeEv: @Garbage Can’t Wait! We may need to borrow your engineer-a thief just stole our engineer’s backpack, passport and all. Ah, the glamorous life”
Best of luck to Evanescence and to Garbage, enjoy the show!
Maybe we’ll get to see a Garbage/Evanescence co-headlining tour? I’m sure it would work out better than the Marilyn Manson/Rob Zombie Twins of Evil tour did.