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Screaming for Silence, thelastplaceyoulook, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, 10 Years 09-27-2012

Screaming for Silence, thelastplaceyoulook, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, 10 Years
Sokol Auditorium
Omaha, Nevraska
September 27th 2012
I arrived at Sokol early for interviews and was suprised that the venue was smaller than I expected, despite its popularity. The stage, however, was a good size to hold large bands such as 10 Years. I was impressed with the balcony that allowed fans a bird’s eye view of the show. The doors opened at 6:00pm, the first band started at 6:30, and it was an all ages show. The line-up for the evening started with Screaming For Silence, thelastplaceyoulook, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and finished with 10 Years. This would be my second time seeing 10 Years, although the first time was outdoors during the day, so I was looking forward to seeing their light show.
My first interview was with thelastplaceyoulook. These handsome men were from Houston, Texas “Where everything, even our beards, are bigger”. They have been touring the nation and drinking free beer, two of their favorite things, since 2003. We started talking about their new van, which they just installed sweet bunk beds in, and they told me that they actually did a fundraiser to help with touring, and raised $11,000.00. It helped buy the van and anything else they needed. After awhile of talking about staying at strangers’ houses and asking “Where is the bathroom located and what is the WiFi password” and also useing every plug in available, they had to go to sound checks. Before they left. I asked what the audience could experience “Lots of energy, a sea of beards, and a lot of fist pumps.” says the lead singer Nava “and lots of interesting lights” added guitarsst.
As I finished thelastplaceyoulook’s invterview,10 Years’ Jesse was in the parking lot skateboarding. We sat down and I asked him what makes this show different from the KRRO Fest in Sioux Falls in 2011. “This time we are headlining, which gives it a different mood.” It is also their first out of four albums that they made all on their own. Before sound check, I asked Jesse where his favorite places were to play. “Houston and Omaha.” This made me even more excited to watch their performance.
As schedueled, the doors opened at six while 10 Years did meet and greets. People started to pile in, filling the auditorium fast. There were even two guys dressed in banana suits. I started talking to Jason Bodwell, a Screaming For Silence fan, and found out it was his 12th time seeing them perform. It was my first time even though I am facebook freinds with the lead singer Zeb Christensen.
Right on que,the stage lit up waiting for Screaming For Silence to appear. As the music quiets down,the venue grew loud with the chatter of excited fans. The drummer Matt sat down and the lights turned off as the intro music started playing. While the lights turned back on, the rest of the members casually walked on stage with a very powerful entrance. They opened their act with “You Play, I Deal”, and instantly everyone was singing and headbanging. They had me moving to the music so much that I almost forgot I was supposed to take photos. These boys sure knew how to get a crowed worked up with Zeb’s amazing vocals and Casey teasing the crowd with his guitar. They even did an outstanding cover of “Take Me Home Tonight.” “How many have seen us before?” And everyone cheered. Screaming for Silence did an awesome job working the crowd. I guess 10 Years agreed, considering this was their third time opening for them.
Members of Screaming For Silence:
Zeb Christensen – Vocals
Danny Irwin – Guitar/Vocals
Casey Newsom – Guitar
Randy Ziska – Bass
Matt Tatroe – Drums
Set List:
You Play, I Deal
Still Remains
Take Me Home Tonight (Eddie Money cover)
Thelastplaceyoulook was up next, and they had big shoes to fill due to them being the only band most people didn’t know. They opened with “Lie To The Silence” and the crowd loves it. With the huge light show and deep bass, the crowd really starts getting energized. They defiantly suprised the crowd with a powerful growl in the beginning of “Sexytime” which is played on the radio. How did it get that name? “It started as a joke, but it just kind of stuck.” But, my favorite song by far was their last song “Don’t Make It So Easy.” The low vocals from Nava and the high notes from Kevin mixed perfectly with the rhythm and lights .They even handed out paper beards for the crowd to use to take a picture of for facebok. Thelastplaceyoulook kept the venue excited and ready for more. What’s in store for these bearded Texan’s? “A new album in the works and a month left
with 10 Years and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus”. And as for the Vests and ties? “We did it for a Christmas show and thought it was a good idea to stick with it. it creates if visual conflict with our music.”
Members of thelastplaceyoulook:
Nava – Vocals
Derek Young – Guitar
Richard Sherwood – Guitar
Kevin Pool – Bass/Vocas
Mikey Garcia- Drums
Set List:
Lie To The Silence
I’ve Got A Quustion For You
Rip It Out
Band to Save Me
Don’t Make It So Easy
Following the killer performance by thelastplaceyoulook was Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and just bairly on time too. The crowd pushes forward as they explode onto the stage.The set started with “In Fate’s Hands,” and instantly the crowd is hypnotized by the energy and everyone sings along. After a few songs, Ronnie introduced their new guitarist, 18 year old Josh Burke. He let loose with incredibly fast riffs and scales, making the ladies scream. He began the intro to Ozzy’s “Crazzy Train,” but moved on to his solo again. After Josh’s solo, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus slowed things down and brought out the acoustic to play “Guardian.” Everyone started singing along, filling the venue with voices. Due to them being late, they cut “Am I the Enemy” from the list, but ended up filling the spot with ” Pray.” Red Jumpsuit Apparatus ended their set with “Face Down,” and the energy rose as everyone danced and sang along. Red Jumpsuit Apparatus put on an excellent show and got the crowd pumped for 10 Years. Reason for being late? “There was a scheduling issue, but we got here thats all that matters” says bass player Joey.
Members of Red Jumsuit Apparatus:
Ronnie Winter – Vocas
Josh Burke – Lead Guitar
Randy Winter – Guitar
Joey Westwood – Bass
Kris Comcaux and Tim Ross – Touring Drummers
Set List:
In Fate’s Hands
Fall From Grace
– Solo –
Guardian (Acoustic)
False Pretense
Face Down
Finally, it was time for the main event: 10 Years. The crowd pushed forward again and the auditorium grew loud with anxiaty. After a little waiting, 10 Years bolted onto the stage and as Jesse sang the first word of “Colors,” the crowd burst into screams. After the second song Jesse shouts “I feel like we need to pay you every time we come here.” You don’t have to pay us to cheer for you, we already love you! When 10 Years played “Fix Me,” and “Shoot It Out,” Jesse jumped off the stage and stood on the railing to sing face to face with everybody. And if it couldn’t get any louder “Wasteland” was played. Ryan jumped into the crowd while still playing his guitar, and afterwards crowd surfed. The lights turned off when the last song “Backlash” played, making the crowd rowdy. An acoustic guitar was brought on stage and Jesse and drummer Brian played the first ever encore performance of the tour “So Long, Goodbye.” It was simply beautiful, almost a tear-jurker. 10 Years killed that night and left the crowd satisfied. Ryan of Fair to Midland filled in for Lewis because he is having a baby, but Ryan fit in perfectly.
Members of 10 Years:
Jesse Hasek – Vocals
Ryan “Tater” Johnson – Guitar
Lewis Cosby – Bass
Brain Vodinn – Drums
Set List:
Dancing With The Dead
Fix Me
Cast It Out
Writing On The Walls
Minus The Machine
Russian Roulettte
Shoot It Out
Forever Interlude
Encore: So Long, Goodbye
After the show all of the bands hung out and signed shirts, cd’s, and the few set lists. I got my set lists from Rred Jumpsuti Apparatus and thelastplaceyoulook, and my shirt signed by 10 Years. I tried to get my interview in with Zeb of Screaming For Silence, but he had to leave, so we did it by phone. They have been together for seven years and have 2 albums out, including their newest “Relentless”. The band is excited to announce that they are touring the east coast ffor three weeks starting October 2nd with Wayland, Elisium, and Another Last Year. Zeb even mentioned they are headlinging a few shows too! Screaming For Silence is probably one of the most popular local bands that I have seen in a long time, and it was nice to see how many people showed up just for these guys.
All in all, the show was a compleate success and I think everyone had “Wasteland” stuck in their heads, I know I did the whole three hour drive home!

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