SKYND’s Robert Hansen is Out Now

SKYND’s Robert Hansen is Out Now

A message from Skynd and Father to the SKYNDICATE.

We are delighted to announce that ‘Robert Hansen’ is now available everywhere.

I was surprised not many people talk about Robert Hansen, the “Butcher Baker”. I personally consider him one of the most evil serial killers in American history. He not only had a high victim count, he literally hunted his victims in the woods like wild animals sometimes.

I can’t think of any other serial killer who’s done that to the extent that Hansen did. That’s why it was an urge to write about it.

The Dark Place is Coming to the UK

Supporting ICE NINE KILLS on their Wurst Vacation Tour has given us a taste for touring…we are delighted to add the UK onto our headline tour later this year.

There will be an exclusive pre-sale for SKYNDICATE MEMBERS starting tomorrow at 10am BST. Keep an eye on your emails…

General Sale tickets will be available from Friday, August 11th. 

You better run run run…