“Its just so good” remarks Fever 333 guitarist on Bring Me the Horizon’s upcoming album

Former The Chariot guitarist and founding member of 2018’s breakout punk-thrash rockers Fever 333, Stephan Harris, has allegedly heard the forthcoming album from British heavy metal rockers Bring Me the Horizon, and its gonna kick everybody’s ass.
Adding to his official Instagram story on September 26th, Harrison wrote, “I just heard the new @bringmethehorizon album and it’s straight up gonna kick everybody’s ass. It’s just so good. I just wanted to let you know that please have a blessed day.”
Fever 333 went on the road with Bring Me the Horizon on the U.S. leg of the “First Love” tour in 2018. Fever 333 released their full length debut, Strength in Numb333rs, in 2019 to rave reviews.
(Harrison with Fever 333 in 2018)
Speculation is now swirling that the next BMTH release will feature a collaboration with either Fever 333 as a whole, or one of the band’s members, specifically vocalist Jason Aalon Butler. With the release of their latest single, OBEY (feat. Yungblood), BMTH has taken a more vocal stance on world politics which has always been the main focus of Fever 333.
(Sykes in Kansas City 2019)
Oli Sykes, Bring Me the Horizon’s vocalist, previously stated that the band would no longer be releasing entire albums, instead focusing on single songs and EPs. The band has released 3 singles since the end of their “AMO” era.
On November 6th of 2019, the band released stand alone single “Ludens”, part of Death Stranding: Timefall video game. At the same time, the band also confirmed that they are planning on never releasing an album again, instead focusing on wanting to release EPs.
On December 27th, 2019, the band surprise dropped “Music to Listen to~Dance to~Blaze to~Pray to~Feed to~Sleep to~Talk to~Grind to~Trip to~Breathe to~Help to~Hurt to~Scroll to~Roll to~Love to~Hate to~Learn Too~Plot to~Play to~Be to~Feel to~Breed to~Sweat to~Dream to~Hide to~Live to~Die to~Go”. “Music to Listen to” featured “¿” an interpolation of “In the Dark” featuring pop artist Halsey, which led to Oli Sykes and Jordan Fish working with Halsey on “Experiment On Me”.
(Fish in Kansas City 2019)
On March 20th, 2020, during the COVID19 Pandemic, Sykes and percussionist Jordan Fish announced they were in their home studios writing and recording material. Fish stated in one of the bands many video posts that the band’s fans were more interested in quality over quantity. It was also announced that some of the music would be co-produced by Mick Gordon. Gordon is an Australian composer and sound designer, primarily known for composing music for video games.
On June 8th, Sykes took to social media to announce the delay of their latest single, “Parasite Eve”.
“so as some of you know we were planning on releasing a new track this week. But with the incredible movement that is taking place currently we don’t feel comfortable releasing & promoting anything that takes the focus off what’s important right now. I KNOW you will all understand because we have the best fans in the world & I promise you we won’t make you wait too long & the good news is more music will be coming soon after P.E too. But for now keep fighting the good fight & stay tuned ✨♥️✨”
The band’s 3rd single, “Parasite Eve” was released on June 25th, 2020. On the same day, the band also announced a new project that they have been working on titled “Post Human” which they said would be four EPs released throughout the next year. The 4 EPs, when combined, would make an album.
On September 2nd, 2020, the band released “Obey”, their collaboration with English singer Yungblud, as well as its corresponding music video. There’s no word yet on when the next release will drop, but its likely to happen before the end of 2020.