ICYMI: DWP Q&A with Maria Brink of In This Moment

In This Moment embarked on their rise to metal-world fame in 2007 with their debut album, Beautiful Tragedy, and have been steadily releasing incredible tracks ever since. In This Moment has played countless DWP festivals, and we’ve loved witnessing their musical evolution and stage performances transpire throughout the years.
Maria Brink truly brings in a different level of entertainment to the stage that the rock/metal world doesn’t traditionally experience, so if you haven’t had a moment to check them out live yet… GET ON IT (when concerts can safely return, of course)!
Pour yourself a magical potion (glass of wine, duh) and join Gary Spivack and Maria Brink on Offstage with DWP while they discuss Maria’s stage persona verses real life calm demeanor, touring moments, special DWP memories, favorite collaborations, her childhood and just how important her mama is to her. Maria is certainly not who you think she is, and we cannot wait to share this exclusive episode of Offstage with you!