FEVER 333 on Offstage with DWP ✊

Fever 333: Q&A with Jason Aalon Butler & Long Live The Innocent Livestream

While Fever 333 has only been around since 2017, the impact this three piece band from Inglewood, CA has made on us at DWP, is astounding. While a rock band at its core, Fever 333 transcends genres by mixing rap, hip-hop and punk. Seeing them live is life altering, they literally leave it all on the stage and the energy they put out to their fans is beyond dynamic.

Fever 333 has always been a band rooted in activism, tackling issues like race, police brutality, misogyny, immigration and more. And today’s Q&A is one unlike any others as Gary Spivack of DWP has an open and honest conversation with front man Jason Aalon Butler about the current state of unrest in the United States.

Not only does the conversation cover social issues, but we also dive into the a few big Fever 333 performances, we get an exclusive announcement about a new band member and we get to say HI to Jason’s son Ivory.

PLUS, after the Q&A stay tuned for an exclusive re-airing of Fever 333’s amazingly poignant livestream, Long Live The Innocent.