Just announced: Imogen Heap is going to be live streaming a show.

Streaming LIVE!

Tue, Jun 23, 09:00 PM BST


Hello there! Imogen here! I don’t think I’ve ever personally sent a message to any fans out there who follow me on BandsInTown.

Anyway… a pleasure! Crazy times ha? Thank goodness I got a tour in before all this.

These days, I’m at my piano every Tuesday, Gloves on improvising piano and voice (for the first part) and playing songs for the second. This week I’ve had a request to cover of an Iamamiwhoami song.

if YOU have a song request (of mine or someone else’s!), check the description in the YouTube link as to how to do that 🙂

They are usually quite mad and fun. Just started doing them a couple of weeks back and occurred to me I could let you guys know!

I’m raising money for The Creative Passport as without income from Theatres (namely the Harry Potter play) I’m at a loss as to pay the team. The Creative Passport is a software solution we’ve been developing for 5 years now that’s going to REALLY help music makers in the not too distant future get organized, get discovered + get paid.

Hopefully see you there.

Lots of love! xxx Imogen xxx

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