Pandemic Artist Spotlight: Lightworker

For fans of Deathbreaker, What We Do In Secret, Convictions
Latest Full Length Release; Fury By Failure © 2020 Solid State Records
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Lightworker is a metal band from San Francisco, CA. The group—comprised of Joe Calderon, Grayson Hurd, Ryan Johnson, and Brad Green—formed from the remnants of former bands, finding creative unity together and a mutual passion for heavy music.

After releasing the EP ‘Resilience’, Lightworker began working on what would become their first full-length record, ‘Fury By Failure’. The album is raw yet refined, fusing together elements of metal and post-hardcore with a balance of melodic and aggressive tones. Their music is passionate and impactful, carrying a clear sense of purpose that far surpasses the stage. Their goal is to offer a quiet sense of hope in a blisteringly broken world, proving heavy music can carry a lightness all its own.

‘Fury By Failure’ is set for release on Solid State Records in Spring 2020.