Have You Heard Lacey Sturm’s Duet With Breaking Benjamin?

Breaking Benjamin
[ Feat. Lacey Sturm ]

“Dear Agony”
Breaking Benjamin recently released an acoustic album called “Aurora” with some of their classic hits re-imagined. We think you’ll love this powerful duet with Lacey and Ben.


It’s been almost 5 years since our first album, “Life Screams” and we are excited to announce that we are finally releasing a new song. These past few months have been a difficult time for many people. It has forced us to stay home and do a lot of thinking. Times like this tend to bring things to the surface that we didn’t know were there, both good and bad. The Decree is a song that explores who we really are when faced with situations like this. We hope you enjoy it and find the courage to face whatever comes your way.
-Josh & Lacey

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