The Birthday Massacre; Diamonds

The Birthday Massacre
March 27th, 2020
Metropolis Records
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The night is short. It weighs heavy, but the light always awaits us.”

With Diamonds, The Birthday Massacre have once again crafted an immaculate journey through a Gothic faerie tale. A sonic landscape of soaring synths, and pounding guitars. Sinister, yet enchanting. Ethereal emotions laced with menacing innuendos.
The band once again opens an album with a bombastic and epic piece of art. This time around that opener is the majestic “Enter”. Soaring guitar textures laced with pounding basslines has become a signature of the band, and those key elements find their way into each of “Diamonds” tracks.
Falcore and Rainbow once again smash away with searing guitars and chugging beats throughout “Mirrors”, “Crush”, and the album’s title track. While the band’s music may cut to the bone, Chibi’s vocals sooth the sting with an elegant gossamer touch.
As a whole, The Birthday Massacre’s albums have always felt to me like chapters in a book. Each album expanding on the concept of the previous, the larger world of the band growing exponentially with each release. The Diamonds chapter continues the emotional journey while we find the strength to transverse a path of darkness, loss, and heartbreak to our ultimate destination of light, acceptance, and finally the peace of mind that always awaits us at our final destination.
There’s a unique balance and cohesion between the band. Anchored by the strength of Chibi‘s pristine vocals, Falcore and Rainbow have perfected their musical formula. Owen‘s textured keyboards, a solid rhythm section in drummer Rhim and bassist Nate Manor continue to highlight the depth and precision put into each track.
For the past decade, the band’s line up has been consistent and that is part of the reason for their success and longevity. The Birthday Massacre continue to evolve with each release, yet improves on the incredible high quality to their sound and style that we’ve all come to expect.



Track List

01. Enter
02. The Sky Will Turn
03. Diamonds
04. Run
05. Flash Back
06. The Last Goodbye
07. Crush
08. Mirrors
09. Parallel World