Losers Club Share Ed Sheeran Stripped Down

Ed Sheeran Stripped Down

Losers Club premieres emotional cover of “Beautiful People”

Fans always anxiously await new music from their favorite bands. They get hooked on a single and long for more new music. After seeing success from their debut singles, New York based Losers Club is giving fans a taste of a musical direction with their premiere of a stripped down version of Ed Sheeran’s “Beautiful People” on the popular YouTube channel, Cover Nation.

While not every band chooses to do cover songs, Losers Club saw this as an opportunity to showcase a new side to the pop/punk inspired band with an emotional cover of the pop hit by Sheeran. The track begins with the simplistic piano and then the infectious chorus features the pop rock inspired feel that Losers Club has shown they have perfected. Vocalist/Guitarist Nate Blasdell shared, “my previous bands have had success with covers and although it wasn’t a direction we wanted to be known for, i felt like this was the perfect cover to start the re-branding process for Losers Club. I reached out to longtime friend Dustin Patton (In Time and Distance) to see if he wanted to be on the track and he sent us a vocal track within a few hours. From there, we brought the idea to Producer Rob Freeman (of Hidden In Plain View) and it just took off from there.”

Losers Club exploded onto the scene with their infectious single, “Emerald Eyes” and has shown no signs of slowing down since it’s release. They’ve been hitting the stage and packing up the van for short runs and are excited to keep showcasing their talent. Although they’re a new band and still making a name for themselves, the future is bright for this talented group of musicians who are not afraid to experiment with new genres. Blasdell added, “This is a new age for Losers Club and we’re all super excited for the future. This is definitely a new direction and the start of something great.”

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About Losers Club:

When it comes to the music industry, there are numerous pieces and parts that make everything work seamlessly. Whether it’s the different roles responsible for a live show, the producers/engineers that make the music sound flawless or the team involved in a release. Many times those people are behind the scenes and artist Nate Blasdell is a prime example of that.

On the surface, some may recognize Vocalist/Guitarist Blasdell from metalcore/hardcore projects like The Bunny, The Bear or more recently I Set My Friends on Fire. The tenacious New Yorker has been in the scene since age sixteen, not only in the spotlight on stage but also behind the scenes as a songwriter. Working with bands like MTKO, The Vamps and Big Time Rush, writing pop rock hits has been a passion for Blasdell, in addition to his love for the metal scene that has brought him the most notoriety. Blasdell is ready to step out of the shadows and put that talent on the forefront with his new project, Losers Club.

This project is extremely special for Blasdell as it’s his first time putting himself in the spotlight in a more pop driven project. Finding the perfect musicians to surround him was an easy task as he teamed up with Andy Champion (Roses are Red) and longtime friends Cody Wagner and Aidan Snyder. The combination of these musicians is a perfect storm as their musical backgrounds and influences blend effortlessly.

Losers Club premiered their debut single in April 2019, “Emerald Eyes,” which was written, recorded and produced in Blasdell’s home studio at his parent’s house. the track came to fruition during a snow day when Blasdell was reminiscing about past tours and the different emotions that come with the demanding schedule. The infectious pop rock hit touches on the strain on a relationship tour can take on loved ones. The track is easily relatable even to those who aren’t on the road as many of us have experienced spending time away from the one we love. The memorable debut is guaranteed to get stuck in your head and is just a glimpse of what’s to come in the bright future for this band.