No More Happy Song For Bring Me the Horizon

Say it ain’t so! user lemongrillle revealed some gasp worthy news from last night’s Bring Me the Horizon concert.
At the October 29th concert in Miami Beach, Florida, vocalist and found Oliver Sykes addressed the crowd, revealing some shocking news before the band’s performance of “Happy Song”.
“This is the last time this song will ever be played live.”
Reddit user u/SSBMBabyCakes elaborated further;
“Was surprised when he said that…  figured he was joking, but when he was getting ready for the final breakdown, he reinforced the idea that this show was the gonna be the last “Happy Song” we’ll ever see and that the pits should be big!”
Would that be the final live performance of “Happy Song”. Sykes is known for his tongue in cheek humor while on stage, but could that really have been the band’s last happy song?
Fans have been complaining about the Threesome Tour’s setlist since the tour’s first date in Phoenix, Arizona, saying it was too similar to the band’s 2019 tours. The 13 date Threesome Tour focused solely on the band’s 3 most recent albums. The opening date of the tour featured the only performance of “Sleepwalking”. “In the Dark” was playing 3 times around the date of the official videos release, replacing “Sugar, Honey, Ice & Tea”.
I find it ironic that the fans wanted the setlist switched up, but now that it might be, they’re peeved about the possible changes.

The concert marked the final date of the band’s U.S. Threesome Tour with alt-metalcore rockers Sleeping With Sirens, and Youtube diva Poppy. The end of the tour could also be the band’s last U.S. tour date of 2019.