Blue October, New Dialogue: I Will Follow You Tour 10/12/19

Blue October, New Dialogue
I Will Follow You Tour
October 12th, 2019
The Waiting Room Outdoors
Omaha, Nebraska

It wouldn’t be the Halloween Season in Omaha without a visit from our friends in Blue October.
Opening tonight’s show, New Dialgue’s fresh voice made a lot of noise. The band’s style is a unique is described as the culmination of indie spirit, alternative heart, and pop ambition. Their message speaks for the moment. The Los Angeles-based quintet—Ela Kitapci [vocals], Taylor Morrow [vocals], Jason Rodriguez [drums], Michael Sevilla [guitar], and Jeff Badagliacca [bass]— were an amazing choice for Blue October to tour with. Their stage presence was on point, and their message was clear; Live your dreams. I doubt tonight, the band’s debut in Omaha, will be the last time we’re graced by their sound.
While New Dialogue did a fantastic job pumping up the crowd on a chilly Nebraska evening, it was Blue October’s show, and we were ready.
For close to twenty years, the native Texans have been adopted by the Great Plains and been welcomed with open arms. The band has stood by our side through ups and downs, and continues to put on some of the most captivating live performances I’ve ever seen.
The I Will Follow You Tour seems to be more of a reminder that the band is following their fans instead of vice versa. As long as we still have faith in Blue October, the band will have faith in us.
Tonight would be my 14th time seeing the band, but my first seeing them at The Waiting Room’s outdoors stage. Basically they shut a side street down and build a huge stage. I’m rather hesitant when it comes to outdoors stages that aren’t permanent but tonight’s show was bombastic. The light show was on point, and the sound was spectacular. The band sounded as amazing as ever.
A lot of us are drawn to Blue October for many reasons, whether its the love songs, the angry songs, or the bleak depressing songs. There’s a connection that each of us can make in at least a handful of the bands tracks. Tonight’s concert was an amalgamation of emotions, running the breadth of the bands’ decades long career.
This tour’s set focused on the band’s current release, “I Hope You’re Happy” and touched on nearly each of the band’s previous releases. For nearly two hours we were treated with fan favorites, deep cuts, and stories about the band’s history.
Having been around for so long, it was great to hear that they appreciate us as much as we appreciate them. It was good to have these guys home again.