Wisconsin Death Trip 20th Anniversary Tour; Static-X, DevilDriver, Dope, Wednesday 13 07-19-2019

Wisconsin Death Trip 20th Anniversary Tour & Memorial Tribute to Wayne Static
Static-X, DevilDriver, Dope, Wednesday 13
Anthem at the Hard Rock Casino
Sioux City, Iowa
July 19th, 2019

The 20th anniversary tour celebrating Wisconsin Death Trip truly is a celebration of the life, memory, and legacy of Wayne Static. Throw in DevilDriver, Dope, and Wednesday 13 and you’ve got one helluva rock show.
Wednesday 13, opening this leg of the tour, focused on his solo material. The U.S. leg of 13’s Condolences Tour would bypass any Murderdolls, or Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 songs. The band’s horror glam set was the perfect introduction to tonight’s festivities and set the tone for what fans would expect.
Dope followed and used the crowd’s energy to smash through a blistering set. It doesn’t matter if Dope are headlining or opening a set, their energy is 100% for every performance.
DevilDriver used their time on stage to remind us all what authentic heavy fucking metal is. While there seemed to be slight hesitation to the crowd moshing around during Wednesday 13 and Dope’s sets, the crowd really let loose for DevilDriver. The surprises of the evening were the band throwing in Coal Chamber cuts. I remember when vocalist and founder Dez Ferara said the band would never play Coal Chamber tracks live. Thankfully, after Coal Chambers final performances, Ferara changed his mind and threw “Loco” and “Fiend” into the mix.
No one honestly knew what was going to come from this tour, but expectations were high. Getting the original line-up for the band, bassist Tony Campos, guitarist Koichi Fukuda and drummer Ken Jay, was the first step, recruiting a new vocalist would be the 2nd. Still a mystery, Xer0 is a perfect fit. The true success of this tour is that the band isn’t trying to clone Wayne Static. The dude is irreplaceable and the band knew that trying to copy the man’s style and sound would be impossible in a live setting. Xer0 pays tribute to the memory of Wayne as the band puts an updated spin on the classic songs. I’m excited to see where the road will take them on future tours.

Static-X setlist:
Bled for Days
Wisconsin Death Trip
Sweat of the Bud
Love Dump
I Am
The Trance Is the Motion
Get to the Gone
Black and White
This Is Not
Destroy All
Start a War
I’m With Stupid
Push It