8mm, Heart-Shaped Hell

Heart-Shaped Hell
Release: 22 February 2019

Track listing;
Self-Inflicted Heartache
Heart-Shaped Hell
Bring It On
Move with Me

It’s been far too long since Sean and Juliette Beavan released new music under their 8mm moniker. Music is meant to reshape the boundaries of our expectations for the artist. Artists should strive to break the rules with each new song recorded, and every album released.
While the two have been busy with other artists, 2019 was the perfect time. Grammy-nominated producer/mixer Sean Beavan has taken his experience with the likes of Marilyn Manson, 3teeth, Nine Inch Nails, and A Perfect Circle to continue the sonic growth of 8mm. Affectionately referred to as the Johnny and June Cash of the industrial music scene, the Beavan’s have crafted a superb evolution of their sound with the “Heart-Shaped Hell” EP.
8mm has always been a superb amalgamation of Sean’s Beast with Juliette’s Beauty, but that is taken to a new level with “Heart-Shaped Hell”.
From the EPs opening track, through “Supercrush” and beyond the final chords of its self-titled track, “Heart-Shaped Hell” is full of crashing drums and grinding synth that combines perfectly with Juliette’s ethereal voice.┬áIt’s easy to get lost in haunting vocal duet of “Bring It On” as it seamlessly blends into “Move with Me.” It’s also easy to take focal point of each’s tracks inspiration and find our own experiences within the lyrics. With “Heart-Shaped Hell”, 8mm have confirmed their position as one of the greatest indie-industrial rock bands to ever step on stage, and the band you need to familiarize yourself with.