Just last month 21 year old singer-songwriter, Gavin Haley, released his first new single in over a year entitled ‘better off,’. Today, Haley is releasing a follow up single to the critically acclaimed ‘better off’ entitled ‘west coast.’ Listen here.

Informed by his clear-eyed musings on human interaction, Gavin Haley weaves personal experiences into timeless narratives that feel universally relatable. A former professional cyclist turned musician, Haley’s genre-bending approach to pop pairs a plethora of contemporary influences with introspective lyrics, underpinned by an enduring sense of hope.
Born in Michigan, Haley and his family relocated to Louisville, Kentucky, when the singer was just four-years-old. There in a close-knit community of neighbors and siblings, his passion for singing emerged. At the age of 16, Hayley was living in Belgium competing with the national cycling team when he suffered an injury resulting in a collapsed lung. During his recovery, he explored and found inspiration in Europe’s underground music scene, becoming enamored with energetic live performances filled with a grit and energy.

Such autonomy at so young an age greatly influenced Haley, who reflects that the discipline of professional athletics caused him to grow up quickly. “I definitely didn’t have normal teenage years,” he muses. Still, the structured life of an athlete taught him valuable life lessons, the themes of which are often reflected in lyrics that feel and sound years older than the artist. In ‘Fades Away,’ his first single, which landed on Spotify’s Viral 50 chart at numbers 1, 8 and
18 respectively in Australia, the UK and America, Haley’s heartfelt reflections rise over a sparse backbeat (complete with finger snaps), ultimately detailing what it feels like to love someone who is just out of reach.

In the summer of 2016 Haley left cycling behind and moved permanently to Los Angeles. The juxtaposition between his life as an athlete and a musician offer endless fodder for writing and thought, but so does life on the West Coast. And while making people feel good will always remain at the heart of his sound, his exposure to both pop and praise songs is finding
new junctures with electronic and R&B-facing sounds.

Hayley is set to release new music throughout 2018 and is currently working on his debut album.
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