Bring Your Army Tour 09/17/2018

Orgy, Motograter, Brand of Julez, The Crowned, Mindflight, From the Arc
Bring Your Army Tour
September 17th, 2018
Bourbon Saloon
Omaha, Nebraska

It was a Monday night in Omaha, and to be honest, my mood wasn’t the best. From the looks on people’s faces, no one was in a good mood. That was about to change.
After lackluster performances from the opening local bands, Austin, Texas natives The Crowned rocked the Monday night crowd. The trio, touring in support of their full length debut album, Apparition, really set the pace for the night. The Crowned’s unique style of metal, what they called ‘Texas Rock’, was enough to bring the majority of the crowd to the stage. There was even a sing-along for the band’s last song, as the band tossed a dozen blown up condoms into the crowd, and fans chanted “No one can fuck you like I do”. It’s a catchy chorus.
New York rockers Brand of Julez were next to take the stage. I had heard great things about these guys and was still more than a bit butt-hurt I missed seeing the band while they toured with art-rock-activist Otep. Thankfully their set did not disappoint. Brand of Julez took the energy The Crowned pulled from the crowd during their set and pushed it a step further. Their vocals were tight. The attention to detail during their set was spot on. These guys know how to trash a crowd.
After Brand of Julez’ set, I wondered if the crowd would keep the momentum going during Motograter’s set. The Bourbon Saloon erupted into cheers as soon as the band, full tribal body paint, walked on stage. It’s only been a few years since I’d seen Motograter, but a lot has changed, mainly their line-up. I’m pretty sure only one member from that era is still in the band. The current line-up changes haven’t negatively affected the band’s stage performance though. These men still know how to rock a crowd and put on one killer show.
Motograter’s live set is not one that you want to miss. Their energy levels are through the roof, but it’s definitely not mindless heavy metal. Seeing that they were having fun on stage was hard to miss. It’s great to see them still enjoying their time in front of a crowd.
For unknown reasons, Orgy were nearly an hour late to the stage. Many in the crowd had wondered if this would mean a shorter set for Omaha’s stop on the tour. Thankfully, it did not. Jay Gordan, Orgy’s vocalist, founder and only remaining original member, hand picked some of the best musicians from around the country to round out their current line-up. It didn’t even matter that their bass player, Nic Speck, was injured and couldn’t perform. The band worked with that they had, and still put on an amazing show. Gordan even made it a point to make note of their missing bassist. “Give him a mic. He can at least sing backup.”
Gordan’s vocals were spot on, even if there was a mic issue early on in their set. His voice is just as captivating now as it was two decades ago. The 2011 addition of guitarist Carlton Bost gave the band a grittier edge. My first experience with Bost was during his time with Deadsy, then with The Dreaming. It’s great to see him fit so perfectly with Orgy’s style.
The band’s hour-plus long set highlighted fan-favorite tracks off of Candyass, and Vapor Transmissions. Tonight would be my fifth time seeing the band since 1999, and the first time seeing the band without its founding members. Even though Orgy have been actively touring these past few years, my schedule never crossed paths with their tour routes. Having heard the band’s new material, there was no doubt in my mind that they wouldn’t be just as amazing now as when I first saw them in the late 90s.
The energy level, especially so late on a Monday night, was brilliant. To hear so many fans singing along to Suckerface, Opticon, Fiction, and Fetisha was amazing. New songs like Army To Your Party, and Comeback meshed perfectly with Revival, Dissention, and the band’s other “classic” tracks.
The band ended their blistering set with their cover of New Order’s Blue Monday, their 2nd single off of Candyass, and the song that garnered them so much radio play and really put them on the map. Gordan abandoned the stage during the song, walking around the crowd, and turned the entirety of the Bourbon Saloon into a magnificent sing-along. Members of Brand of Julez, and The Crowned even joined the band on stage for the final number.
Their music has withstood the test of time. Even after twenty years of touring, Orgy still knows how to bring their army to the party.

Orgy’s setlist:
Suck It
Talk Sick
Fiction (Dreams In Digital)
Army To Your Party
Blue Monday (with snippet of You Spin Me Right Round)