Shim; SHIM

Self-titled debut
September 14th, 2018
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When Sick Puppies’ founder and vocalist Shimon Moore left he band in 2014, speculations and rumors spread like the Black Plague. While both Shim and his former bandmates have been relatively quiet about his departure, many of us wondered what the future would bring for Shim’s music . Fans around the world raised their collective voices and rallied for their favorite Aussie singer’s return. At the time though, we were left in limbo by his departure.
Would we lose his voice?
What would the future of his music sound like?
Moore returned to Omaha, Nebraska in December of 2011 for a sold-out solo acoustic show, focusing on his Sick Puppies’ material and debuted two new tracks; “One Little Beat” and “Gimme Love”.  These two tracks gave us a glimpse of what Shim had in store for us, but we’d have to wait. Half of me wonders if Shim thought we were ready for his solo career. The other half knows that Moore knew what our expectations for him were and wanted to be 100% certain that his debut lived up to our standards. After having heard his solo debut, I can tell you with complete certainty that Shim wanted to craft a piece of art that was absolutely worth our patience.
The album opens with a bombastic call-to-arms, and heralds Shim’s return. The track really is the perfect piece of music to reintroduce us.
“‘A Brand New War’ will be opening the album and opening the live shows,” Moore recently told of the high energy track. “It’s a call to arms and a declaration of the war to come. The war is against anyone who tells you that you can’t live the life you want and be the person you truly are. You can use this album as your soundtrack while you fight for the life you want. The struggle is real. The fight is now, and the music is yours.”
As Moore had said at a recent show in Council Bluffs, Iowa, his first appearance since last spring’s Rock on the Range, “After having been away for so long, and still hearing your stories, it gave a different perspective and meaning to these Sick Puppies’ songs.” That perspective transitions beautifully into his solo material.
Each track is crafted with a painstaking detail that is severely lacking in today’s music industry. Shim’s thought provoking lyrics, combined with thunderous basslines and haunting string arrangements are an amalgamation that I was not expecting from the man.
In its entirety, the album is the thrill-ride rollercoaster that I’ve been waiting for. Many of today’s artists have become so stagnant with their craft, but Moore has found the perfect combination of heavy hitting tracks like ‘Crucified’ and “Sting Like a Bitch’ and the heartfelt rock ballads like ‘Our Time’ and ‘ All Of Me’.
If Shim’s time with Sick Puppies could be compared to an angry teenager finding his way through an emotionally chaotic landscape filled with moments of serenity and clarity, his solo release would be the culmination of hard lessons learned and Moore accepting the same compassion that he gave so many of us. Listening to the album, it is very apparent that Shim is still paying attention to the stories of fans’ reactions to his music, and all of the emotions that his songs stir within us.
With his solo debut album, Shim has reminded us why we have so desperately missed his voice.

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A Brand New War
Our Time
All Of Me
Sting Like a Bitch
Broken Man
Don’t Wake Me Up