Virus: Absolute Power, Zombies, Magic and Gods

This is the third chapter of the five part zombie miniseries Virus, showcasing a raw black and white apocalyptic zombie-series laced with a touch of magic and heaps of mayhem.
Virus is created by Patrick Cornelis, a self-publishing  Belgian comic artist who created this complete series, mixing the phenomena of zombies with warlocks, mythical creatures, gods and more!
With this kickstarter Patrick Cornelis is hoping to reach fans all over the world so he can continue to pursue his big passion…  create comics and graphic novels.

For the newcomers… Welcome to the hurde!!! We have a special level for you guys: “SPECIAL: Virus 1-2-3” (more than 300 pages combined!!!) . With this level you will be completely up to speed!
Here is the synopsis of how the story starts out:
A witch-cult uses an ancient magical book to visit other realms in search for more power. On one of those worlds something goes seriously wrong as the inadvertently release a dark entity. The barely make it back to earth bringing the entity along with them. As soon as it arrives it starts infecting everything around it turning humans into braindead flesh-eating monsters. Sebastian, the last surviving warlock, forces Will, a man at the wrong place at the wrong time, to absorb the combined force of the warlocks before he dies from the infection. Will, who goes through life as Warlock now, runs with the book in his possession. He wanders the desolate world for months overwhelmed by grief for the loss of his son. Eventually he finds an ally and stumbles onto a small group of survivors who are in the middle of a massive scale zombie-attack!