Dead Cross
Dead Cross EP
Ipecac Recordings
2 May 2018

The SoCal hardcore outfit featuring Dave Lombardo (ex-Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies, Misfits), Mike Patton (Faith No More, Tomahawk), Justin Pearson (The Locust, Retox) and Michael Crain (Retox, Festival of Dead Deer), have released a self-titled, four-track EP via Ipecac Recordings. The EP, a follow up to their 2017 full-length debut, includes two studio tracks and two remixes. Released digitally on May 2nd, the limited edition Vinyl is slated to ship on June 29th.

While many fans have been holding their breathes for a second full length album, today’s EP release is the surprise instead.
Having seen each of these musicians perform with other bands during their lengthy careers, it’s incredible to hear what they create with Dead Cross. The two new tracks, Skin of a Redneck, and My Perfect Prisoner, are the style of musical brutality that we’ve come to expect from the band since their inception. Elements of thrash and heavy metal reign during the EP’s 1st and 2nd track, and Patton’s vocals are just as powerful now as when I saw Tomahawk open for TOOL back in the 2002.
While the two new tracks are definitely the uncompromising, brutal style of Dead Cross that fans have come to love, it’s the remix tracks that really peaked my interest. The Panicker Remix of Shillelagh is a dance worthy electronic take on the original metal track, worthy of a Matrix soundtrack, and sticks out as my favorite cut on the release.  Church of the Motherfucks’ Planet B Remix’s vibe is reminiscent of older Psychotica, except there’s a deeper sense of urgency in Patton’s voice to coincide with the bombastic beats.
Overall the EP is worthy of multiple listening sessions, and will do good to tide fans over until the band’s sophomore release.

The band’s self-titled, full-length debut arrived in August of 2017. The 10-track album was dubbed a “28-minute blitzkrieg” by Revolver, awarded four-stars by Alternative Press, who called it “viciously contagious,” and Black Sabbath’s Bill Ward, in an interview with Rolling Stone, plainly said, “they’re fucking incredible.”

Dead Crosstracklist:

1.    Skin of a Redneck
2.    My Perfect Prisoner
3.    Shillelagh (Panicker Remix)
4.    Church of the Motherfuckers (Planet B Remix)