Underoath; Erase Me

Erase Me
Fearless Records
April 6th, 2018

Well, Underoath are finally back. Since their inception in 1998, the band has overcome an incredible amount of obstacles (both personal and professional within the band) yet still maintained a solid sound and continue to attract an ever growing fan base. Since their farewell tour in 2013, and the 8 long years since the band’s last studio release, fans have been aching for their return. Even though it’s been almost a decade, it’s almost like no time has passed. Erase Me picks up where the band’s 7th studio album, Ø (Disambiguation), leaves off.
Spencer Chamberlain’s vocals are still full of angst and tension. While the subject matter of the tracks revolves around personal struggles, addiction, a loss of faith, and being plagued by psychic baggage, Underoath have refocused and fortified their commitment to their music. I imagine this album would have sounded immensely different had the band not taken an extended sabbatical.
There’s a sense of urgency within Sink With You, and On My Teeth, while Rapture, Hold Your Breath and Wake Me surge with an intensity reminiscent of their earlier releases. I imagine ihateit being one of the album’s singles, and a fan favorite during their live shows.
Regardless of their time away, it sounds like the band needed the chance to regroup and deal with their demons before returning with new music. Erase Me may be the return of the band, but don’t expect this release to be a rehashing of old habits. This is not the Underoath of 10 years ago. The band has matured and evolved into something greater. Something that they’ve always meant to be.

Track listing:
It Has To Start Somewhere
On My Teeth
Wake Me
Sink With You
Hold Your Breath
No Frame
In Motion
I Gave Up

Underoath is:
Spencer Chamberlain − vocals
Aaron Gillespie − drums, vocals
Tim McTague − guitar
Chris Dudley − keyboard
Grant Brandell − bass
James Smith − guitar
Produced by Matt Squire
Recorded at The Buzzlounge
Engineered by Eric Taft
Mixed by Ken Andrews
Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound
All songs written by Underoath except
“Rapture” and “Wake Me by Underoath and Johnny Lee Andrews
“On My Teeth,” “Sink With You” and “I Give Up” by Underoath and Squire
“In Motion” by Underoath and Feldman
All lyrics by Spencer Chamberlain and Aaron Gillespie except
“Rapture” and “Wake Me” by Spencer Chamberlain and Johnny Lee Andrews