Tribulation: Down Below

Down Below
Century Media Records
26 January 2018

Like with so many others, my first introduction to Tribulation was the band’s opening slot for GHOST’s 2016 Black to the Future tour. The best way I can describe Tribulation’s music is “Loud”. They’re not that obnoxious, annoying loud though. They’re the thunderous, pounding through your soul kind of loud. Tribulation are a finely crafted ensemble. They know their strengths, and with Down Below, have focused on them with laser precision.
Over the years Tribulation have continued to hone and grow into their unique style. Building on the concrete foundations of their early albums, tracks like Lacimosa, Lady Death, and Cries From the Underworld put a fresh spin on traditional European death metal. The band have evolved upon their own inimitable style of superbly catchy gothic rock anthems, and crafted an album worthy of display among the pantheon of diverse gothic metal artists. Down Below will quickly became a classic, especially after these bombastic tracks are hammered through auditoriums and arenas around the world on the band’s current tour.

Tribulation is:
Johannes Andersson – vocals, bass
Adam Zaars – guitars
Jonathan Hultén – guitars
Oscar Leander – drums

Recorded and produced by Martin Ehrencrona and Tribulation, 2017 at Summer’s End in Stockholm
Composed and compiled in Subterranean realms by Tribulation
Drums recorded in Soundtrade Studios
Vocals, bass, guitars and additional instruments recorded in Studio Cobra
Monk chanting recorded in Necromantic Studios by Tribulation
Background vocals on Purgatorio by Anna von Hausswolff
Additional instruments played by Tribulation and Martin Ehrencrona
Studio technicians: Martin Ehrencrona and Linus Björklund
“Come, Become, To Be” was recorded and mixed by Linus Björklund in Hall of Records
Assistant Engineer: Kalle Lagergren
Mastered by Magnus Lindberg at Redmount Studios
Booklet photos by Ester Segarra
Cover artwork by Jonathan Hultén, concept by Tribulation
Nightbound and The World illustrations by Jonathan Hultén. Layout by Tribulation.