Asking Alexandria: s/t

Asking Alexandria
s/t release
Sumerian Records
15 December 2017

For the band’s 6th studio release, and the return of founder and vocalist Danny Worsnop, Asking Alexandria continue to evolve musically and lyrically. While their self-titled release may not be as thrash heavy as their previous release, The Black, with former vocalist Denis Stoff, but the album holds its own. Founder and guitarist Ben Bruce still has a talent for crafting heavy metal arena-rock that blends perfectly with Worsnop’s unique vocal style. I adored “The Black” and how Denis’ gave a different aspect to the band’s music and style, but it’s the familiar growl of Worsnop’s that belongs with Asking Alexandria.
The album’s lead single, “Into the Fire”, find Worsnop offering a beautifully combative, and unrelentingly powerful message to fans who’ve stuck with the band through the drama. “I wouldn’t take back a moment / Not one miserable moment / I’ll give it all ‘till there’s nothing left,” Worsnop sings.
“Rise up / Take back control” Worsnop screams during the intro of “Rise Up” before pushing his vocal limits of another thrashing cut as Bruce shreds and drummer James Cassells pummels the beats. “I will rise up / with the weight of the world.”
“Eve” is just a brutal cut; bombastic, melodic. Each track on the album offers a different aspect of where the band is, both musically and creatively. Worsnop’s lyrics are some of the most personal he’s ever crafted, and mesh brilliantly with Bruce’s music.
I wasn’t expecting Bingx’s guest vocals on “Empire” to be as impressive as they are, but the tracks stands out as an amazing collaboration from two genres that I wouldn’t normally put together. Not to mention how amazing Jonathan Davis’ touch is on “Into the Fire”.
I can hardly wait to hear these tracks played live. As bombastic as they are in their studio form, I can’t even imagine how viscerally assaulting they will be when played live.
The walls certainly have come down, and the heavens opened. Welcome back, Danny. We’ve missed you.



Recorded at Good Sounds studios  –  Produced by Matthew Good  –  Mixed by Taylor Larson  –  Engineered by Matthew Good and Ryan Daminson  –  Mastered by Ted Jensen

Guest Vocals on “Empire” by Bingx  –  “into the fire” co-produced by jonathan davis & matt good  –  Additional Engineering on “into the fire” by Will Beasley
_ _ _ _ _


Danny Worsnop – Vocals
Ben Bruce – Lead Guitar
Cameron Liddell – Rhythm Guitar
Sam Bettley – Bass
James Cassells – Drums