The Walking Dead Set Visit 2015

Senoia, Georgia
October 26th, 2015
Alexandria set visit.

During our time in the Atlanta area, we also visited Griffin, Georgia. Griffin is also another popular place for the show to be filmed in. During our time there, the crew were filming episode 14 of AMC’s hit TV series. According to sources on set, Andrew “Rick Grimes” Lincoln, Norman “Daryl Dixon” Reedus, Lennie “Morgan Jones”  James, and Seth “Father Gabriel Stokes” Gilliam were all in Griffin filming on the Carver Road location.
The best spot to scope out the set is behind the Senoia Post Office. While the Alexandria Safe Zone set is closed off to non-residents of the area, people who actually live in “Alexandria”, you are able to walk all the way around the set. There are a few spots outside the walls that you can get close too, but I don’t advice doing so unless you want to be arrested for trespassing.