Interview with Joey Cape from Lagwagon



LE-Thanks everyone for reading this Interview. This one is truly a pleasure for me to do. I got to ask Joey Cape some questions you have all been wondering about. So, Caper, thank you so much for taking the time to do this for us.
JC-My Pleasure
LE-First off, Lagwagon as been around for a quarter of a century now. How has writing changed for you guys over the years?
JC-Well, it’s been since 1989 so even longer. Geez, we’re getting old. Haha.
I think the process has always been similar until the most recent album “Hang”. Generally I have always brought complete songs to the table and the band has learned them and added their stamp. With “Hang” it was a much more collaborative process. We built the songs from the ground up.
LE_So one of the highlights of this show for me is that it is a label showcase of some truly amazing bands but in a way you guys had a impact on not only bands on your label Fat Wreck Chords but numbers of bands all of the planet, how does it feel to be known as the band that pioneered the “fat wreck” sound?
JC-It feels good. I am very proud to have been there and shared in Fat’s history. The relationship has been second to none in my life. We are so lucky to have found them when we did and to have grown with them throughout the years.
LE-Hang came out last year and it was your first new release in 9 years, do you guys have plans on releasing another studio album anytime in the next few years?
JC-I hope so. Only time will tell but, I really want to make more records with the guys. “Hang” was such a pleasant experience and I really love the record.
LE-So, not only have you been doing vocals for Lagwagon for 25 years, but you also lend your time to some other amazing projects as well, Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies, Bad Astronaut, and your own solo work how do you have time to do all these amazing bands?
JC-Lagwagon is of course, my main gig but, all bands take breaks and when we do I do other things. This is what I do. The only thing I know how to do. So, I see no reason in not creating more when I can. The projects rarely coincide. Me First And The Gimme Gimmes does very little these days and the same goes for Bad Astronaut. It’s mostly a balance between Lagwagon and my solo work.
LE-The tour you guys are currently on is the Fat Wreck Chords Invasion tour but after this tour do you guys plan on hitting the road and doing your own tour after?
JC-We have been on tour since “Hang” came out last October and we are touring through much of next year. There are many more tours on the horizon. We already did almost a full U.S. Canada tour but we do have a southern states tour in October.
LE-With the punk scene going though changes over the past few decades how have you guys stayed true to yourselves with the pressure of releasing the next hit album breathing down your neck?
JC-We simply don’t worry about it. We have always been very self-indulgent and uncalculated. I think that is the key to happiness in art. Do what you want and what you love. People can see and hear it. If you are not concerned with the reception you only have yourself to disappoint. I find we are not just happy, but successful when we are pleased with our work.
Last Question and thank you so much for taking the time to answer my silly questions.
 You bet
LE-When people come to see Lagwagon on August 19th in Omaha,Ne, what do you want them to feel as they are walking out the doors after your set?
JC-I always hope they feel they were apart of something special. I know we will in Omaha. Unless I am mistaken and sometimes I am after all these years, we have never played Omaha. First time shows usually prove to be pretty wild. Regardless of the outcome, I know my band is playing better than ever and we play songs from every record so people who have followed us for a long time should enjoy the set.
If you are in the Omaha area the Fat Wrecks Invasion tour will be hitting town August 19th at the SlowDown!! check it out.