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The Tree of Life

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This is the part where I get excited. I’ve been working on Angelarium for ten years now but I’m finally turning it into something more tangible. Over the past few months, I’ve been preparing to create a new collection of illustrations inspired by Kabbalah. I’ve hired a collaborator, Eli Minaya to help me with the research, art and writing. You’ll see his work throughout the project.

I’m going to be supporting the project with Patreon. Backers will get extra access and merch along with the satifaction of helping this thing become a reality.

The first pieces of art and poetry have hit the official site and I’ll be updating it with new paintings and poetry every Thursday.

This series will explore the fascinating inner world of the Tree of Life though its eleven emanations, also known as Sephirot. I promise you, by the end of this, you will understand this diagram.

You can follow along with the project’s creation by becoming a backer on Patreon or by following me on Instagram.

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