Emily Kinney Still Filming The Walking Dead

It’s good to have friends. For everyone wondering about the fate of Emily Kinney’s Beth Greene on AMC’s The Walking Dead, one of my friends confirmed that, after meeting Kinney in NYC, she’s flying back to Atlants this week to continue filming.
Anyone who’s seen the trailers for the show’s 5th season knows that Beth is alive and currently holed up in a hospital in Atlanta with other survivors, but is she in danger?  Carol and Daryl left to look for her during this season’s second episode.
Having Kinney back for filming after the season has premiered means that she may survive through this season and into the next.
“OMG, guys… I got scoop!! “Beth” from The Walking Dead just told me she’s flying to Atlanta this week to return to film her next set of scenes. She’s gonna be back on the show!” Via Facebook on October 23rd, 2014.