Clutch; Sept 19th, 2014

Sept 19th, 2014
Sokol Auditorium
Omaha, Ne

I am a pretty scary dude. People see me walking down the street and they run to the other side. Well, not everyone, the ladies stick around because they know I can protect them. If you look at me in the right light I could be confused for a body builder… is what I would be saying if i was a total bullshiter. In fact, I am about as far away from those comments as possible. But in the crowd, I can normally handle myself. Seeing Clutch on September 19th at Sokol was a different ball game. The crowd was mostly composed of bikers flying their colors for the world to see. Now bikers are normally super cool dudes. Friendly and will have your back through most things but this time, they all were there to rep their crews and that made for some scary dudes.

After two pretty good openers and an at length conversation with another photographer, it was the groove monster Clutch to hit the stage.

Earth Rocker
The Wolf Man Kindly Requests…
The Face
Book, Saddle, & Go
Unto the Breach
Energy Weapons
D.C. Sound Attack!
The Regulator
Cypress Grove
The Elephant Riders
Decapitation Blues
Crucial Velocity
The Mob Goes Wild
Gravel Road
Cyborg Bette
Gone Cold
Electric Worry
One Eye Dollar

      If you are a fan of Clutch, this was a show for you. They played with the power and aggression you would expect from Clutch. Smooth jams were there as well as power guitar and thundering drums. I was pretty excited when I found out about this show. I even went as far as left my sister’s wedding to go to the show for a bit and it was totally worth it. Its not often I am relieved to be behind the rail but this night was one of those times. It seemed every song the crowd was letting their aggression out a little too much, causing fights and arguments. But that’s part of rock and roll sometimes. You are so pumped by the music you let yourself go to the place the music takes you and that night it took people to a angry place. Other then that the show was truly amazing. Worth the NO Crowd Surfing signs, worth the angry bikers, worth the upset family. Music is worth all of it and in the end when you get chance to go nuts and enjoy yourself, do it. The world is a place worth fighting about and for.
As always, love your scene and love music no matter what it is…
besides jazz fusion… then just hold on for the ride.