Royal Blood, Arctic Monkeys; July 30th, 2014

Royal Blood
Arctic Monkeys
July 30th, 2014
Stir Concert Cove
Council Bluffs, Iowa

I am going to start this walk in my shoes by giving a little back story on your faithful writer Lonnie Elder. I love circle pits, I love way too much eye liner, and I love the unity that comes from bleeding with your brothers and sisters over what you love. That all being said, my excitement level to see the Royal Blood and Arctic Monkeys was pretty low. So like most adventures in life, here we go.

I got to the Stir Concert Cove in Council Bluffs, Iowa two hours before the show started. My broken foot and just messed up leg in general makes it a little harder for this old timer to get around so I got there a little early to beat the crowds. To my shock, mass loads of kids were there already waiting to see bands they enjoy. After talking with the venue and security and making my way down the hill to the stage, there was an excitement in the air that I didn’t expect. My lack of knowledge with either band made me surprised. Talking with the crew of the show, they were surprised by the turn out as well. As far as the eye could see were teen girls. Saying that I have more tattoos and broken hearts then there were drivers’ licenses in the crowd would not be too far off, so I joked with security that it should be an easy night for them.

The Royal Blood was the band I was there to see and lucky for me and my leg, they hit the stage right on time. They have a sound that is best described as dirty, raw, and with a lot of emotion. Just a bass and drum band, you would figure would be a little hollow but the depth was there. The depth of sound came from a very effects-driven bass sound. The singer’s vocals also, filled with thought provoking lyrics were very easy to understand and be taken on the ride that they intended. The drummer had a very difficult role to fill. With bass filling the roll of leading the jams, the drummer had to fill in all the rhythm. His drumming not only filled that role but also had a way of being smooth in its own rights.

Royal Blood had a no nonsense attitude to them that I respect in a band. I have noticed with a lot of the bands from out of the country, they present themselves differently that many of the American bands. They are there to put on a show for the fan. With very little down time, they were able to go from one grinding song right into the next one.

So over all, I was surprised the amount of fun I had. Besides the broken leg, almost getting puked on by a little girl while waiting to use the bathroom, and having to deal with “bros” all night, it was a good time shared by all. If you ever get a chance to go see them play next time they are in town, I would suggest it.

Now if you had a good time reading about all the good things about the show I suggest you stop reading now. This next part may be a little harder to swallow if you are a Royal Blood fan.

Royal Blood fans, you suck. You have an amazing band who is very good at their craft pouring their hearts out on stage for you and the best you give them back is a little pity clap at the end of a song. They Brought it for you and other then their radio hit, I saw very little caring from the crowd. It might be that most of the participants pants where far too tight to enjoy a life let alone a show, but my rant about clothing will come in a different review. I’m not just saying this to be a dick and say you don’t appreciate your bands you paid way too much money to see. Once again, I’m old and remember when shows where $5, $15 if it was a touring band. I’m saying it to remind you that bands control where they go and if they have a horrible time at a show, they can choose not to come back to you and then you will spend your time complaining about no good bands coming to town. So let music guide you, let it be the reason you wake up in the morning. Meet your best friends at shows and bleed with them. Did me good over the years.



Royal Blood Setlist;
Come On Over
You Can Be So Cruel
Figure It Out
Better Strangers
Little Monsters
Blood Hands
Ten Tonne Skeleton
Loose Change 
Out Of the Black