Shallow Side; Stand Up

Shallow Side
Stand Up
Self Released 2014

Forming in Cullman, Alabama in 2010,  two solid years of touring with dozens of bands and playing over 200 live shows in front of thousands of fans have done little to put a unique spin on Shallow Side’s music that would set them apart from every other rock band trying to make a name for themselves. While each of the EP’s 5 tracks is laced with Eric Boatright’s smooth vocals, I get the impression that the band is trying to pack too many of their musical influences into every track instead of finding their own unique style.
I also get the impression that Shallow Side is meant to be a life band. “Stand Up”, the EPs title track, and “We Won’t Die” each have a rock anthem feel they both fall short of that epic vibe that would fill an arena. These five guys have the talent to create music but lack the writing intensity that will set them apart from the flock of mediocre rock bands currently flooding the market.
This band seems to genuinely care about their music though and is working hard to bring their sound to the world, they just need to stop playing it safe with their craft and take some chances beyond adding a few banjo strums to “My Addiction”.  “Crazy”, which no doubt has the girls screaming when played live, should have started off with the first verse and chorus acoustic before cutting into the driving beats and shredding guitar chords of an authentic rock song.
Overall, for the band’s first attempt recording, Stand Up is a decent release. I could do without all the guitar solos scattered through each track but Boatright’s vocals carry each song enough to make the release worth a listen and peak my interest enough that if the band ever passed through Omaha, I’d catch them live.

Stand Up, We Won’t Die, My Addiction, Crazy, Raise It Up

Eric Boatright- Vocals
Cody Hampton- Bass/Guitar
Seth Trimble- Guitar/Keyboard
Heath Fields- Drums
Justin Smith- Guitar