Ara’Kus Productions Announces Free Digital Release of New Album

Release a thank you to fans and preview for those new to Heavy Metal Opera

Everett, Washington – After over a year of recording and editing Ara’Kus Productions is pleased to announce the release of the Aeterno Elementum album, now available for free download at the official Ara’Kus website. In addition to rerecorded tracks from the original album, this new soundtrack includes four all new songs that have been added to Ara’Kus’s Heavy Metal Opera over the last few years, such as Jeremiah Johnson’s aria from the second act “Tapestry of Fate.” The free release serves as a thank you to fans that have attended and supported Ara’Kus over the years, while also serving as a way for potential new comers to hear the opera before deciding whether or not to attend.
“We’ve worked hard on this release and are very proud of it.  Our biggest goal is to get this music out to as many listeners as possible so they can enjoy it as well.” said Jeremiah about the free release of the album. With less than two weeks until Aeterno Elementum appears at the Historic Everett Theatre the album will serve as both a gift for hardcore fans and a preview for those curious about the show. Ara’Kus will also be selling physical copies of the album at the shows on the 15th, 16th, 22nd and 23rd for those that want to help support the group.
Talents included on the album are:
•    Jeremiah Johnson, Vocalist and Guitarist
•    Randy Haines, Guitarist
•    Vivian Lee, Lead Soprano
•    Lauren “Razz” Palumbi, Violinist and Vocalist
For the full details of the show and to purchase your ticket please visit