ARMY OF THE UNIVERSE Prepare for “The Hipster Sacrifice”… New Album Out May 21!

“… a smooth but spicy blend of old school EBM-style electronics, hard-rock guitars and urgent vocals that’s strangely menacing but irresistibly seductive.” – FearNet ARMY OF THE UNIVERSE Prepare for The Hipster Sacrifice New Album Out May 21, 2013

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ARMY OF THE UNIVERSE was born with the conceptual idea of a consistent dialogue between the past and the future,” explains keyboardist/programmer Trebla. “Our interests have always been on retro visionary/futuristic movies. We like to think of us in a Gattaca world in a Space Odyssey, where you are in the future pushing big analog buttons.” Their new album The Hipster Sacrifice (Metropolis Records; release date: May 21, 2013) is a pitch-perfect representation of that melding of the space/time continuum. Made with analog synths and blade guitars, their music speeds around the echoes of 80s metal and 90s industrial while weaving in and out of Brit school electronica, New Wave and techno.

The follow-up to their critically-acclaimed 2011 debut Mother Ignorance, The Hipster Sacrifice is based on dark and visionary atmospheres with a touch of irony and futuristic drama that represents the journey the band has taken in the past two years which has seen them perfect their futuristic retro sound. From the opening pulsating keyboards of the title track which plays with sound bends and the muscular drums of new member Chris Vrenna (tweaker, NIN, Marilyn Manson), to the textured cacophony of “Break the Walls” to the midnight rhythms of the closer, “Mine”, The Hipster Sacrifice is an exercise in musical experimentation. The first single “Until The End” features the unmistakable vocals of Chibi from The Birthday Massacre. The strikingly stylish video can be seen here:

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A snarky tribute to the universal disdain of ‘hipster culture’, the album title Hipster Sacrifice is a commentary on the hollow nature of Hipster Culture. The lyrics “Special editions of any f*cking sh*t / Like your sneakers and your broken dreams,” is especially biting in its attack. “It is a cultural matter, or even more specifically it is a ‘sub-cultural’ matter,” he explains. “This Hipster thing is the first empty sub-culture, which we should not even consider a sub-culture itself. No meaning, just a little fashion movement which actually becomes more conformist and inexpressive.”

Formed in 2008 by renowned trance and techno producer Albert Vorne (a.k.a. Trebla) and vocalist Lord Kalidon of Kult of the Skull God, Army of the Universe released its first EP Lovedead in 2008 and its debut full-length in 2011. The band toured the US, Canada, and Europe for over 50 shows in 2011 and produced a special single “Take Control” that was featured in an Adidas viral ad campaign.

Army of the Universe is Lord Kalidon (vocals), Trebla (keyboards, programming), Davide Tavecchia (guitars), and Chris Vrenna (drums). Their new album The Hipster Sacrifice will be released on Metropolis Records on May 14, 2013.