The Birthday Massacre; Hide and Seek; Track 9, Cover My Eyes

The Birthday Massacre
Hide and Seek
October 9th, 2012
Metropolis Records

Since this release isn’t slated to drop for almost seven weeks, I’m going to approach this review with a new angle. Every few days I’ll be writing about one of the albums ten tracks.

This week? Track 9, Cover My Eyes

At first listen, this was the track that stuck the most in my mind. Falcore, Rainbow and Owen have once again crafted a brilliant song, laced with undertones of gothic industrial synth and a pinch of 80′s pop.
Such a sad song. Chibi’s voice is full of regret and heartache. “Remember the sun. Remember the rain. They’re never gonna touch me again tonight. Cover my eyes tonight,” she whispers during the track’s chorus, ”don’t let me see the light.”
This track highlight’s the band’s mastery of the keyboard and use of a deep, bass filled thump throughout the song. I get the image of a child hiding in the dark, trying to protect herself from the harsh realities of the world, while crying out for solace that will never come.
As much as I enjoy the heavier tracks that The Birthday Massacre has mastered, it’s the more mellow songs, like this one, that impress me the most. Chibi’s vocals soar from the moment that the thunderous opening chords are struck, to the track’s closing hum of rain falling on a tin roof.
As a part of the whole album, Cover My Eyes fits perfectly in the aural landscape that is painted by the ethereal tracks of the album.  Hopefully this will be one of the tracks the band chooses to play during their live set.