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AMC | The Walking Dead Marathon on New Year’s Eve‏

The Walking Dead Marathon

The Walking Dead Rings in New Year With an On-Air Marathon of the First Half of Season 3 Thankfully, the Mayans were wrong. The world didn’t end and the zombie apocalypse has been — at least temporarily — delayed. So what plans should you make now that New Year’s […]

Happy Zombidays from RIPT Apparel – 10% off coupon until 2013‏


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Forward email RIPT Apparel | 448 N. Halsted | Chicago | IL | 60642 […]

Glen Mazzara fired by AMC as showrunner for 4th Season of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Officially announced today, The Walking Dead has (obviously) been renewed for a fourth seasons, but they’ll be looking for a new showrunner.

Cryptic tweets from the S2 and S3 showrunner of AMC’s hit series, The Walking Dead, point to Mazzara’s departure from the series.

“Thank you to an immensely talented cast and crew,” Mazzara tweeted […]

The Walking Dead | Interview with IronE Singleton (T-Dog)‏

Q&A – IronE Singleton (T-Dog) Actor IronE Singleton (T-Dog on AMC’s The Walking Dead) describes the mysterious call that portended his character’s fate and mulls the possibility of T-Dog resurrecting as a zombie rapper.Q: T-Dog’s walker kill count this year seemed a lot higher than in previous seasons. Was that a welcome shift?

A: […]

20 Eyes Collective Zombies of the Walking Dead Series 2 Prints

Feast your eyes Walking Dead fans on the Bicycle Girl Zombie print (episode 1 season 1) by Danny Miller! These measure all the same size like the previous Zombies of The Walking Dead prints (14 x 30)! This is a 9 color printed by The Half and Half and will only have an edition of […]

Isaac Marion; Creator, Author of Warm Bodies

As many of you already know, I am a Romero Purist. My obsession with the Zombie Genre and Apocalypse scenarios in all forms borders on the unhealthy. It all started back in 1987 when I saw a scary movie called Day Of The Dead. At the impressionable age of 8, this movie left me scarred […]

Another set of SPOILERS for the 3rd Season of AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD

As if you needed it …. WARNING! SPOILERS!

Revealed earlier today, there will soon be a new survivor joining our band of merry misfits in Cell Block C.

Confirmed today, comicbook fan favorite Tyreese, portraited by The Wire’s Chad Coleman, will make his debut appearance during the 3rd season’s 8th episode. Incidentally, the 8th […]

The Walking Dead; Season 2, Interview with Swamp Walker

The following is a transcript taken from a recorded interview a former Revenant Media correspondent conducted with the Swamp Walker from AMC’s The Walking Dead. The Interviewer’s name has been witheld until family can be notified.

Guys, I’m not so sure about this.

*Radio Speaker* You’ll be ok. Just don’t look nervous.

Don’t look nervous?! […]

Another round of Teases, Spoilers and Speculations for THE WALKING DEAD’s Season 3

When last we saw our not-so-merry band of survivors; Rick had been pushed off the sanity cliff but still found time to take a call. Michonne abandonned Woodbury. Andrea put on her blinders about the dangers of her safe haven. Carol’s final fate was left unanswered. The Governor, Phillip, likes brushing his ZOMBIE daughter’s hair […]

Cuddly Corpses. Second Poster Revealed For WARM BODIES

Today, Summit Entertainment, by way of EW, revealed the second poster design for writer/director Jonathan Levine’s film adaption of Isaac Marion’s Warm Bodies.

“After a zombie epidemic, R (a highly unusual zombie) encounters Julie (a human survivor), and rescues her from a zombie attack. Julie sees that R is different from the other zombies, […]

The End Is Near. World War Z trailer released

We’ll talk about this more when I have some free time, but as for now all I’ll say is that this movie looks great. Is it a faithful adaption of Max Brooks’ masterpiece that I’ve grown to love? Probably not. Does it look like an amazing Zombie Genre movie? Absolutely!

Official World War Z trailer


The Walking Dead Q&A – Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori Grimes)

Actress Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori Grimes on AMC’s The Walking Dead) talks about her character’s final moments and a secret tradition of the cast.

Q: That was a powerful episode! What was it like to watch your character meet her end?

A: It was interesting because we shot [Episode 4] in June. There […]

More SPOILERS for the 3rd season of AMC’s The Walking Dead

Sitting pretty at the end of the world.

Spoilers for our favorite television shows, movies, novels and comicbooks can be found all over the internet. Some fans actively search them out, while others stumble apon them accidentally. This will be your official warning that the following post may contain what some would consider SPOILERS for […]

Emily Kinney; The Walking Dead: Beth Greene

As some of you know, a few month ago, Revenant Media under went a massive facelift after Godaddy upgraded their PHP and we lost 100% of the old site’s content. Re-posted here is an interview I did with Nebraska native Emily Kinney who plays Beth Greene on AMC’s The Walking Dead back in May of […]

Set update from The Walking Dead Season 3 *SPOILERS* Photos

Three episodes into The Walking Dead’s 3rd season and already fans are chomping at the bit for more blood, more gore and more Daryl Dixon! Filming for AMC’s smash hit is set to wrap in the next week, with the season finale currently being filmed.


Filming today […]