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Westworld Season 3 Now Filming In Downtown LA

Reddit user descartes_blanche stepped off an LA subway last night, and into Westworld.
“Basically I exited the train and my DTLA stop looked really futuristic and was marked as Santa Monica with green screens over the signage. Upstairs, variations on these posters and weird fake plants made up the rest of the station, but TL;DR I think these are ads for the service Delos is offering (peep the spherical maze).”
When asked about the specific location, the park guest elaborated “It was the Pershing Square stop and yup, it was a night shoot. A lot of BG actors too so your chances may be really good for next time.
Guests have a long line to wait in before HBO’s Westworld Season 3 premieres. WarnerMedia chairman (and HBO overlord) Bob Greenblatt confirmed that the show will return in 2020, but no official release date yet. You can view the first trailer HERE.

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