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Lacey Sturm’s Reflect Love Back Soundtrack ready for Pre-order!

Reflect Love Back Soundtrack ready for Pre-order!

This music is some of the most personal and free music I’ve ever made. Literally, it was just me and Josh with a guitar less than ten minutes after we opened our eyes in the morning.

We intentionally wrote these songs to go alongside the messages we brought to the Reflect Love Back Study. If you couldn’t do the study, you can still hear the heartbeat of it all within these songs.

These songs came out of just sitting still with God, meditating on scripture. I wanted to show people the beautiful things that come out of making it a habit to meet with God in the morning and evening. That’s the whole point of the Reflect Love Back Study. We tried to leave the song-writing mostly unedited and untouched so it might encourage people not to write off what happens in these moments we set aside with God.

It was important to me to capture what God was doing in the hearts of some of our Reflect Love Back community as they sang along as well. You will hear their voices soaring throughout the songs. I believe each one of the voices on this album has an important aspect of God’s heart to bring into the world. They will communicate a spiritual depth to your heart that my voice alone could never do because it is a collective beauty from God, that speaks the fullest picture of heaven in the earth.

One of my favorite Scriptures is  Ephesians 3:10 “…This is so God’s multi-faceted wisdom may now be made known through the church to the rulers and authorities in the heavens” (HCSB)

In other words, each one of us is made to shine a unique facet of who God is in the earth, and angels and heavenly beings learn about who God is through our uniqueness!!! Amazing!! If only we loved and honored each other in light of this verse we would have such a deeper and greater wisdom and peace.

He is an endless journey of mysterious treasure and discovery. These songs taught me deep spiritual things as I sang them out for the first time, and they teach me still as I listen and keep singing along. I pray that God would continue to speak what only he can speak to all who listen, as the music moves through your heart and mind. I pray that it would overwhelm our hearts with God’s love for us. And the result would be that we will indeed Reflect Love Back!
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