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Burden Brothers: Mercy

Burden Brothers




Track list: It’s Time; Shine; Still; Everybody is Easy (We Sink/We Swim); She’s Not Home; Life Between; Trick of Logic; Good Night From Chicago; I Am a Cancer; Daughter of Science; Mercy; In My Sky; On Our Own; Oh, Cecilia; Liberated


Prior to hearing the fifteen tracks on Burden Brothers’ sophomore release, Mercy, I read that Vaden Todd Lewis felt he had matured, musically, since his hay-day with Toadies. I wasn’t sure how to take that sentiment. Upon the release of ‘Everybody is Easy (We Sink/We Swim)’ and now ‘Shine’, as singles from Mercy, I knew to take it as it was meant to be taken: seriously.


As front man for Burden Brothers, Vaden Lewis may just be the voice of modern American rock and roll. Backed by Taz Bentley (drums/vocals), Corey Rozzoni (guitar/vocals), Casey Hess (guitar/vocals) and Zack Busby (bass/vocals), Burden Brothers produces a sound destined for every rock radio station in the country. If ‘Shine’ and ‘Everybody is Easy’ aren’t already in heavy rotation at your local station, make requests by phone and email until they are, then drive to wherever quality music is sold and purchase Mercy. I can almost guarantee that, sometime between ‘It’s Time’ and ‘Liberated’ – probably about the time you hear ‘Life Between’ – you will press repeat and forget the eject button exists for a very long time.

Micah Hargrave

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