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Lacey Sturm; Impossible

Lacey Sturm
November 6th, 2015
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I’m really torn by the latest single from former Flyleaf vocalist and founder, Lacey Sturm. It’s great to have Sturm back on the scene, but I miss Flyleaf. “Impossible” is the lyrically catchy, rocking track that I would expect from Sturm, but it’s also very much not Flyleaf.
Like so many others, Flyleaf’s music spoke to me on a deep level. While I’m far from a religious man, the band’s message was one of hope and redemption that I could relate too. Sturm, having been the voice of Flyleaf for 3 full length releases, continues to inspire with her music but it’s on a level that exceeds that of Flyleaf’s. Maybe it’s because Sturm has married and now raises two children with her husband, and tours when she has the chance, instead of living the musician lifestyle of touring/recording constantly.
Sturm’s message is clear, “I’m living the impossible”. Life is beautiful in Sturm’s eyes, and she spreads so much hope through her music. Sturm’s religious beliefs are also not something she chooses to force down people’s throats. It’s a subtle whisper that can be interpreted as the listener sees fit.
Having stepped away from Flyleaf on tracks with Apocalyptica and lending her vocals to Geno Leonardo’s “Heavy Prey”, “Impossible” is 100% Lacey Sturm, and proves that this woman will continue to hold her own in a genre that is male dominated.  Sturm has gotten back to her heavy metal/rock roots and gives us the music that we’ve longed for since her last release with Flyleaf, “New Horizons”. Sturm also realizes that her fans embraced the heavy side of her music, and has given us an empowering rock anthem as the first single from her full length solo debut.
Welcome back, Lacey. We’ve missed you.


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