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The Everymen, August 18th,2014 O’Leaver’s Pub

Being straight edge going out to bars on a Monday night isn’t normal I thing I choose to do, but this Monday was a special occasion. O’leaver’s pub was the place and The Everymen were the reason. Normally I don’t like to listen to the full catalog of the band I am going to see, just because I want to be as surprised and honest as possible, but this time was different. I was given one of their music videos to check out when I was given the assignment and it was great. A little campy but over all a music video you could watch over and over again. You can see the video her:


If you haven’t heard of The Everymen don’t feel bad the mid-west is normally a little late to the party when it comes to bands that don’t wear pants two sizes too small.. Yes I’m talking to you Conor O’berst. By the way your V-neck isn’t the deepest anymore better go get a new shirt… I kid I kid. But being from New Jersey normally we only get to see an amazing band like this when they are on tour.

The Night was a normal bar Monday in Omaha. Two drunks arguing about pro wrestling, dude with his dog at the counter, and a handful of frat kids drinking their 7 dollar PBR coming from the volleyball courts across the street and a rock show. The opener wasn’t too bad for their first show. Nothing special.  Just good, solid and tight rock. When they were done and loaded off the stage you could feel a level of excitement I normal don’t get doing this job. A band I was excited to see. Someone should feel my forehead! Pissy old me excited to see a band. But The Everymen made me excited. Starting their set proved everything I was excited about was true. They were tight, in the pocket with everything and even know there were only a handful of people in the crowd they played like it was a sold out show at Red Rocks. The best way to explain The Everymen they are a pop punk band that grew up without girl problems and made everything work out ok. No daddy issues, no problem. The bands two singers filled with room with amazing vocals. The Grinding guitars were not only smooth but aggressive and the addition of a horn play made it a total package. They gave it their all for us. The delight of the fans were seen in their eyes as well as the swaying that they were able to get every person in the bar to do. I even think I seen one of the hipsters smile. I know right! Crazy. But they gave an amazing show full of energy and life which I love to see and really what bands are lacking. If you are in a band and wanting to get to that next level you can learn from these guys. Professional but fun, talented but humble. Check them out next time they come through your town you will not be disappointed.

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