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The Dirty Heads; 03-06-2013, Omaha, Nebraska

March 6th, 2013
Omaha, Nebraska

What an odd night. With a mixture of hispters, stoners, goth chicks, frat boys and emo punks, I knew I had to be at the Slowndown for a concert.
Like many others, I was mainly at tonight’s sold out show to see Shiny Toy Guns’ return to Omaha but a lot of tonight’s fans were more interested in seeing The Dirty Heads take the stage.  Since I don’t get into their style of music, I was only vaguely familiar with the band.
The Dirty Heads opened with Dance All Night and the crowd erupted as well as a room full of stoners could. The groups momentum continued through out their hour plus set, sprinkled with numerous stories about songs and more than one invitation to “light it up”.
I must say that the crowd’s reaction to Shiny Toy Guns was much more expected. Mobs of fans that had been border-line moshing during STG’s set were now hanging in the back of the venue, catching up with friends, while the DH fans who were blazing during STG’s set were now swaying like zombies in Atlanta as The Dirty Heads lulled them.

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