Shiny Toy Guns; 03-06-2013, Omaha, Nebraska

March 6th, 2013
Omaha, Nebraska
Sold Out!

While it’s only been a few short years since Shiny Toy Guns has played in Omaha, it’s been twice as long since Carah Faye was on stage with the band. While I was a fan of Sisley Treasure, it was odd to hear her singing the tracks live that were originally recorded by Carah Faye. Tonight would be a reunion of sorts for the fans and the band.
Seeing Chad, Mikey, Jeremy and Carah Faye together again was something that so many of us had been waiting so long for. The crowd burst with screams and cheers of excitement as soon as the light’s of Slowdown dimmed and the opening chords of Carrie were played. Tonight’s set would be amazning.
Seeing the band perform live with the original line-up that myself and so many other’s had come to love was beyond spectacular. It was as though the Carah Faye’s time away from the band was just a short vacation.
The on stage chemistry between Chad Petree and Carah Faye Charnow hadn’t dwindled in the least. Mikey Martin was still a maniac behind his ultra tech drum kit and Jeremy Dawson conducted the crowd from behind his own amalgamation of keyboard, synth and DJ booth. Petree and Charnow were in perfect form, their vocals blending seemlessly together.
Petree soothed the crowd during Carrie and Rocketship, while Charnow had the entire venue bouncing during Le Disko and Somewhere To Hide.
Each of the vocalists took turns with lead vox on various tracks through out the night but it was Charnow’s vocals that transcended the mood of the crowd during their cover of Peter Schilling’s Major Tom. While it was Treasure’s vocals that many of us had introduced to on Major Tom, Charnow made it her own and the crowd approved by singing along to every verse.
For nearly an hour, the band whipped the crowd into a frenzy and brought them back to their senses with a setlist comprised of choice cuts. We were all left wanting more.
I had the chance to talk to Carah Faye after Shiny Toy Guns’ set about how it felt being back with the band, her future plans and if there’s a chance of hearing more from Versant.
I could see the honesty and pain behind her eyes while she spoke of her recent break up with her Versant co-founder Daniel Johansson. “I can’t imagine continuing with Versant,” she admitted. “That was something created out of love, and while I’ll always love Daniel with all my heart, you can’t force the music, something like that to happen.”
When I asked her how it felt to be back with Chad, Mikey and Jeremy, her eyes lit up. “They feel like home. It’s great to be back where I belong.”
But what does the future hold for Charnow and the band? “We’re working on new music for the next album or EP, but keep your eyes open. You’ll also be hearing new music from me, as a solo artist, in the very near future.”

Ghost Town
Somewhere to Hide
Le Disko
Don’t Cry Out
Major Tom
Speaking Japanese
Fading Listening
Rainy Monday
You Are the One