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Direct Hit!/The Haverchucks Split 7″ Out October 9!

  1. KIND OF LIKE RECORDS                   AND                   BRIGHT & BARROW RECORDS                   TO CO-RELEASE 7″ SPLIT FROM DIRECT HIT! AND THE HAVERCHUCKS                   ON OCTOBER 9, 2012

    DIRECT HIT Click for hi-res

    Kind of Like Records                   and Bright & Barrow Records have announced                   that they are teaming up to co-release a split 7″ from                   Milwaukee, WI’s Direct Hit! and Richmond, VA’s                   The Haverchucks. Featuring two new tracks from                   each band (tracklisting below), the 7″ will be                   available on neon yellow vinyl.

    THE HAVERCHUCKS Click for hi-res

    Direct Hit! started                   in 2008 and since then has gone on to release a series of EPs                   which were eventually compiled into their 2011 full-length,                   Domesplitter, on Kind of Like Records.                   Additionally they went on to release several 7″ splits                   over the past two years on a variety of labels with such bands                   as Mixtapes, Tit Patrol, Jetty Boys and Hold Tight! The band,                   who professes to worship Andrew WK, The Ramones and The Thermals                   in equal parts, has won widespread acclaim for their catchy,                   enthusiastic songs that brings even the most sentient punk to                   their feet.

    The Haverchucks have                   been playing together for less than two years but for such a                   short amount of time, the band has managed to get much accomplished,                   including self-releasing both a demo in 2010 and an EP in 2011.                   Already playing shows with such renowned punk bands as White                   Wives, The Queers and The Spits, their promise is obvious and                   it’s evident fans of this young band have tons to look forward                   to.

    TRACKLISTING:                       Direct Hit! – Operation (cover of The Side Project)                       Direct Hit! – Fallout Shelter Television                       The Haverchucks – Winding Down                       The Haverchucks – (The Girl Gave Me) The Runaround

    kindoflikerecords.com                   brightandbarrow.com

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