Harley Quinn and Deadpool Wacky Wobblers & DC Comics Mystery Minis‏

Wacky Wobblers

We have two new Wacky Wobblers from the comic book universe!

The Arkham Asylum psychiatrist turned Super Villain…Harley Quinn!
In addition to Harley Quinn, we bring you the “Merc with a Mouth”….

These two mischievous characters make a perfect pair of classic Wacky Wobblers!



Deadpool is available in November!
Harley Quinn is available in January!

DC Comics Mystery Minis

How many caped crusaders does it take to change a light-bulb?
None. They like the dark.

DC’s most powerful superhero team and mightiest villains have gone miniature!

This series features a line of classic DC characters!

Each PDQ contains 12 pieces.
See below for the character rarity scale.

Take a better look at all of your favorite characters here:

Available in January!