The Birthday Massacre 08-21-2010‏

The Birthday Massacre
August 21st, 2010
Sokol Underground
Omaha, Nebraska
The Spectacular Massacre Tour

Figuring out how to start reviews is always a pain. Do I tell you about my short chat with Rhim about The Birthday Massacre going out with Otep? Or the amazing interview we did with Rainbow and Chibi about the new album, Pins And Needles or this short headlining run of The Spectacular Massacre Tour? I know, you want to hear about the incredibly wretched opening local bands that we had to suffer through before our Canadian saviors took the stage?

After our interview with Chibi and Rainbow, we stuck around for the soundcheck. The band used In The Dark, Control and Pins And Needles as this day’s soundcheck. Let me tell you, having never heard these songs live before, we were in for a treat.
At roughly 9:30 pm the last of the local bands left the stage and we waited for the light to go out and herald the return of The Birthday Massacre to Omaha. Rhim was the first to enter the stage, taking his place behind his drumkit. Owen and Nate followed and we then joined by Falcore and Rainbow. The opening chords of Before Dark, the intro music the band used during their Show And Tell tour, filled the air. Chibi, bouncing onto the stage, greeted the screaming masses with “I’m very happy to see you guys!” And we are happy to see you too, Chibi!
In The Dark opened the band’s set and, even being a new song, nearly incited a riot in the Underground.

Rainbow was wearing his spring loaded shoes and got a good three feet off the ground as he bounced around during Lover’s End. The crowd continued to sing Chibi’s words back to her throughout the evening. She must have been really excited for Video Kid to be played because she came into the song. Owen gave her the “hand cut the neck” gesture. Realizing she biffed she biffed the song she said with a frown, “I’m an idiot.” The crowd would have nothing of that tone and cheered her on to continue!

I worried that Owen would have fell off his keyboard stand, that he climbed up on during Video Kid and was violently shaking dyuring Kill The Lights.
Omaha has no shortage of love for Chibi and the boys. Everyone in the first 4 rows had theirs arms outstretched towards the stage in the hope that Chibi would grasp theirs or give a high five. Goodnight built on the energy the crowd had built up during Falling Down. Nate, who has taken O-e’s spot during this tour, was even looking comfortable on stage left next to Falcore. You could see the rafters shaking as a few hundred screaming fans erupted in a cacophony of feavered voices during Redstars.

To Die For took the show’s energy down a notch, for a brief second. Voices who had been screaming for the past half hour were given a moment of reprise. Chibi took the time to snuggle up to Owen during the songs 2nd chorus and payed some well deserved attention to the fans at stage right.

The crowd was already jumping when the crashing guitars of Horror Show started. Years of solid touring have strengthen Chibi’s voice. She’s never sounded so confident and that confidence shined during Pins And Needles. Rainbow had said during our interview that he was still making up “moves” during some of the new songs. Apparently the robot dance he did at the beginning of Pins And Needles 2nd verse was new and unexpected because Chibi couldn’t hold in her chuckle. Not to worry though. Chibi made her way to the pole that is placed at the center of the stage. Seriously, there’s a pole in the middle of the stage. It usually sits right in front of the drum kit, so Rhim had the stare at the damn thing all night long. Anways, Chibi walked back to the pole during the interlude, wrapped her arms around it and waved to Rainbow. It’s great to see that these 6 musicians are also friends and can have fun with themselves on stage.

Control followed the new song trend and had Rainbow sharing some of the vocal duties. This portion of the set was the crescendo of the evening and it was heavy music from here to the end. Looking Glass picked up where Control left off and once again caused the crowd to leave the floor. Sleepwalking blended perfectly with Looking Glass, but Chibi’s vocals did cut out during the first verse. Chibi introduced Blue as the last song of the evening and thanked everyone for coming out. The band exited the stage to thunderous applauds and they all lived happily ever after.

The End ……

Ok, not really the end. We were hoping for an encore but those of us who hadn’t seen the setlist weren’t sure what would be played. Chibi and the boys once again made their way to the stage and asked if it was ok to play a few more songs. What fool in their right mind would deny the band this request? The opening chords of Happy Birthday started and sent the crowd jumping. I swear once guy even hit his head on the ceiling.
The band ended their set with Walking With Strangers, which I would say is a crowd favorite but that’s like asking your Mom if she’d had to pick, between you and one of your siblings, who would she save? No one wanted the night to be over but the title track off of the band’s 3rd album was the perfect end to the evening.
Everyone hung out for the next hour; signing autographs, taking photos and just talking. The Birthday Massacre truly do care about their fans. Next time you see them, ask Chibi to draw you a pizza chef and ask Falcore to tell you about directing their video for In The Dark.

Now we can all have a happy ending.

After Dark, In The Dark, Lovers End, Video Kid, Kill The Lights,
Falling Down, Goodnight, Redstars, To Die For, Horror Show,
Pins And Needles, Control, Looking Glass, Sleepwalking, Blue

Happy Birthday, Walking With Strangers