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KMFDM, Chant, 10-24-2013, Omaha, Nebraska

KMFDM Chant We Are KMFDM Tour The Waiting Room Lounge Omaha, Nebraska October 24th, 2013

Tonight’s show in Omaha would mark the 7th time I’ve been fortunate enough to see KMFDM live and I wasn’t the only one excited for the band’s return to Omaha. People started lining up outside the Waiting Room an hour […]


February 26th, 2013 Metropolis Records How much more music does Sascha Konietzko have in him? 2014 will be the band’s 30th anniversary and “KUNST” is KMFDM’s 18th full length studio release. Konietkzo and wife Lucia Cifarelli have found the perfect vocal pairing for KMFDM. KUNST follows the same formula for success that the band has […]