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OTEP: Generation Doom

Generation Doom April 15th, 2016 Napalm Records



photo credit: Paul Brown Otep Shamaya has admitted there almost wasn’t a Generation Doom. After the 2013 release of her 6th studio album, Hydra, Shamaya showcased tracks during the Seduce and Destroy Tour, and rounded out her cross-country travels on the Civil Unrest Tour in 2014. […]

KMFDM, Tohuvabohu

Reviewed by Tim Lawler

It is now 2007, 23 years since the inception of KMFDM, and they show no signs of stopping! On August 21st, KMFDM releases their latest opus “Tohuvabohu”. “Tohuvabohu”, an Old Testament word meaning “wild and chaotic” is a blistering example of why KMFDM have stayed strong and true to form throughout […]

Burden Brothers: Mercy

Burden Brothers




Track list: It’s Time; Shine; Still; Everybody is Easy (We Sink/We Swim); She’s Not Home; Life Between; Trick of Logic; Good Night From Chicago; I Am a Cancer; Daughter of Science; Mercy; In My Sky; On Our Own; Oh, Cecilia; Liberated


Prior to hearing the fifteen tracks on […]

Lacey Sturm: Life Screams

I write this review as a long time fan of Sturm’s music, both with Flyleaf and her solo releases. While I don’t identify myself as a Christian, that has never stopped me from finding solace in Sturm’s messages. Lacey’s voice has the power to heal spiritual and emotional wounds, and gives us all a […]

ORGY: Talk Sick EP

Talk Sick EP March 23rd, 2015 D1 Music


How did I miss the release of this EP? Since they debuted in 1998, Orgy has been one of my favorite bands, but this release slipped under my radar. When Orgy went on hiatus in 2005, a lot of us were left wondering if the band […]

Lacey Sturm; Impossible

Lacey Sturm Impossible November 6th, 2015 Follow Spot Records

I’m really torn by the latest single from former Flyleaf vocalist and founder, Lacey Sturm. It’s great to have Sturm back on the scene, but I miss Flyleaf. “Impossible” is the lyrically catchy, rocking track that I would expect from Sturm, but it’s also very much […]

Hollywood Undead; Day of the Dead

Hollywood Undead Day of the Dead March 31, 2015 Interscope Records

Not even the departure of long time members, or the push back of the album’s release date could hold back the band from releasing another amazing album. These six masked men from California once again secure their position in the music industry. Day of […]

Breaking Benjamin; Dark Before Dawn

Breaking Benjamin Dark Before Dawn June 23, 2015 Hollywood Records

This is certainly the review I thought I’d never write, but hoped that someday I would. After the band’s 2009 release, and subsequent hiatus amid legal issues, many of us wondered if we’d ever hear new music from Breaking Benjamin, or if it would be […]

Purity Ring; Another Eternity

Purity Ring Another Eternity 4AD March 3rd, 2015 www.purityringthing.com

After a year of silence, with only a few live performances. Purity Ring are once again blessing the world with their unique sound. Stillness. Peaceful. Calming a violent storm. As a whole, “Another Eternity” embodies the soothing emotions that each of the album’s 10 tracks […]

The Dreaming; Rise Again

The Dreaming Rise Again Metropolis Records February 10th, 2015

For so many of us growing up in the 1990’s it was Christopher Hall’s voice and Stabbing Westward’s music that created the soundtrack for our lives. After over a decade of touring, 4 albums, 9 singles and 6 top 25 hits, including 3 in the top […]

The Dreaming; Alone (single)

The Dreaming Alone (single) Metropolis Records November 11th, 2014

The Dreaming have evolved once again with the release of their latest single Alone. Chistopher Hall has finally reunited with fellow Stabbing Westward founder Walter Flakus and the two have crafted an evolved version of Hall’s The Dreaming with the two’s former band. Hall’s vocals are […]

Hanzel Und Gretyl; Black Forest Metal

Hanzel Und Gretyl Black Forest Metal Metropolis Records 11 November 2014

Hanzel Und Gretyl are back, and more metal than ever! HuG will always hold a special place in my dark heart. They were one of the first bands I got to see play live back in 1998 (Slipknot opened for them) and introduced me […]

Live; The Turn

Live The Turn Think Loud Recordings, LLC October 28, 2014


It’s been eight years since Live’s last studio album and twenty years since the release of their bestselling album “Throwing Copper”. Now, Live is back with a brand new album, “The Turn”. After more than twenty years of music, over 20 million albums sold […]

Flyleaf; Between The Stars

Flyleaf Between The Stars Sept 2014 Loud & Proud Records


This is not Flyleaf. At least not the flyleaf that initially created the music that played as the soundtrack for so many of our lives. The departure of original vocalist and founder Lacey Sturm could have been the end of the band. Thankfully though […]

Ash Code; Oblivion

Ok this one is a go! 1.Void2.Waves with no Shores3.Dry Your Eyes4.Crucified 5.Oblivion 6.Unnecessary Songs 7.Room 8.Drama 9.Want 10.North Bahnhof

Imagine yourself being in a dark room with your thoughts and feelings, and you need a sound track to your life. Ash Code’s new album, Oblivion, will fill that void that you have been sensing. […]