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Purity Ring Set For 2020 Return After Self Imposed Hiatus

Is the real life?
Fans were near hysterical to see news of Purity Ring’s 3rd full length album was announced and set for release in 2020. The band announced the release exclusively to their private Discord channel (https://discord.gg/k3TZZea purity ring’s account is purityring4_2020).
Along with the album’s titles, the band also revealed “Pink Lightning”, their first single since 2017’s “asido” which was premiered during Purity Ring’s opening slot on Katy Perry’s Witness Tour.
The album announcement comes just days after revealing their inclusion in 2020’s Lightning In A Bottle festival. The Memorial Day weekend event will be the band’s first live performance since 2017.
The Canadian duo’s 3rd full length release will be titled “WOMB” and is a follow up to 2015’s critically acclaimed “Another Eternity”.
The band has also rebranded their social media accounts and a new puzzle based website for their fans to hear “Pink Lightning”.
Keen fans will be able to visit pinklightningwebsite.website and solve the puzzle to hear the band’s latest single.
See if you can make it past “I would that the world become you.”




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